Iran Sends Obama A Special Ambassador

Posted August 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

As Iran with Russian help loaded its nuclear reactor last week, they also unveiled their Special Ambassador to President Obama.  They’re calling it the Ambassador of Death.  If the Obama Cartel seems a little quiet, who can blame them?  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  After all – hasn’t he gone around the world and apologized for all our Western Capitalist Imperialist sins?  Isn’t the wonderfulness of HIS Enlightened Leadership enough to calm all troubled waters?   

Before 1979 our staunchest ally in the Middle East [after Israel] was Iran.  The Shah ruled with an iron hand that liberals here could not fathom.  He was trying to keep many factions in check – including Communists, Socialists, the Kurds, and of course the fundamentalists – the worst of which are the Twelvers.  

So of course that great Human Rights Advocate Jimmy Carter tossed the Shah under the bus, and the fundamentalists took over.  Soon we had a hostage crisis, and the Peanut Farmer had no clue how to handle it – except to micro-manage a failed rescue attempt from the Oval Office.

Today Iran represents to Vladimir Putin what Afghanistan once did to Ronald Reagan.  This is Putin’s chance to stick it to us – without getting his hands dirty.  He can supply Iran with nuclear technology, weapons technology, anti-aircraft missile systems, and all for cash.  Iran gets their cash form oils sales to China. 

And when the Iranian Twelvers have the Bomb, and enough “Ambassadors”, mini-submarines, speedboats, missile boats, and anti-aircraft systems, they can close off the Straits of Hormuz, and watch the US do without Middle East oil for a year or two.


Did I mention that the Russians and the Iranians have been working to cut off our southern Flank?

And ~ if ~ the Israelis decide to attack them, they’ll be delighted.  Remember that Twelvers believe that for that Twelfth Imam to reappear, the “End of Days” must have begun.  The beginning of a nuclear war between Israel and Iran suits their definition of the End of Days just fine.  How do you suppose our MEssiah and his Traveling Pants Suit [Hillary] will reason with these folks?


The basic cruise missile technology embedded in the Iranian Ambassador is not really new.  It was first used in WWII by the Germans in their V1 “Buzz Bomb”.  We upgraded it in our 1950s Snark.  Today most modern nations have cruise missiles.  Getting them where they’re supposed to explode has become much easier thanks to off-the-shelf GPS systems.  Within a year a US carrier task force trying to transit the Straits of Hormuz could have to run a real gauntlet.  Some of the Iranian systems would get lucky.  If it happens it will most likely happen on Obama’s Watch.  Think about it,  why would Ahmadinejad wait for us to elect a real president?

Hey Obama, enjoy your vacation.  Any chance a guy like you would take that fecal contamination of Tisbury Great Pond as a bad omen? 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts! 

        WWII German V1                             USAF  1950s  Snark

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