Iran Inches Toward The “End Of Days”

Posted February 11th, 2010 by Iron Mike

It happened in ’79, on Jimmy Carter’s watch.  Jimmy thought the dying Shah was evil incarnate – and threw him under the bus.  Even then it seemed that Jimmy either didn’t know, – didn’t understand, or just didn’t care what happened in the Middle East.  So the Shia fundamentalists used tape cassettes to smuggle their message into Iran, and overthrew the Shah’s pro-American government. 

Then they took over our embassy and held our people hostage for 444 days – until Ronald Reagan was being sworn in.   Carter’s bumbling – including the poorly planned rescue attempt which he insisted in micro-managing from the Oval Office made us look weak and inept, and invited countless attacks. 

Courage To Defy

Since then Iranian-backed terrorists have killed hundreds – nea – thousands of Americans and Westerners, Israelis, Sunnis, and even their own people.  They claimed they hated the Shah’s  Savak – the secret police ,  but they have totally adopted Savak tactics, including monitoring communications,  street beatings,  arrests,  imprisonment, beatings and torture,  rape of women in prison [so they don’t offend Allah by hanging a virgin], and hangings. 

The only thing that has changed in 31 years is that our strongest ally in the Middle East is today our deadliest enemy.   And today they are hell-bent on building nuclear weapons, and appear to be inviting an attack by either the US or by Israel.   Why?  For the long answer you’ll have to do some internet research.  Short answers is that many of this new regime are “Twelvers” – men who believe there is a Twelfth of “hidden” Imam,  who will only reveal himself – and the Path to Paradise – when the world is engulfed in Armageddon.  Thus while most national rulers seek to avoid war,  the Twelvers – led by Ahmadinejad are actively readying their country for the “end of days”.

So today it’s Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s watch.   And unless I’m missing come clear signal from our MEssiah, – he too seems like he doesn’t know,  – doesn’t understand, – or just doesn’t care what happened in the Middle East.  He keeps looking to Russia and China for help.   Russia wants the Middle East in turmoil – to keep our intelligence services and military distracted and preoccupied.   Better the USA expending blood and treasure to fight these people than the cash-strapped Russians!

China merely wants the oil, and an Iran-to-China pipeline is a real possibility.  They won’t be bothered by any Green Activists or held up in endless lawsuits.  If necessary China is prepared to eliminate 90% of the Iranians to get the oil, – and employ the survivors at the pumping stations.

Obama’s inept disregard, – or callous indifference to these threats will cost lives – far more lives than Carter’s bumbling.  The world demand for oil is just that much greater 31 years later, and the new generations of weapons are that much more deadly – and that much more proliferated.  But a president who can’t martial the forces to clear snow from the streets of his own capitol has no clue how to deal with a nuclear nation bent on summoning the end of days. 

Iran spelled the end of Carter’s presidency.  I think it is about to repeat that act.  Ask your liberal friends if this was the change they were hoping for.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. B Howell

    Jimmy Carter sent in helicopters without filters for the engines and the sand caused them to crash. Eight Americans died because Carter didn’t know the difference between sea and sand.

    Savak were the bad guys, they had all those prisoners to torture. When the ‘holy one’ took over he put more people in prison than the Shah or Savak ever did. No one ever said a word about that.

    Those who have managed to escape from Iran and live have now started writing about their days in the prisons. Soldiers would give the young girls their last meal, before hanging, laced with drugs to calm them down so they wouldn’t scream and be so terrified of the rape.