Iowa Dems Question Cherokee Squaw

Posted January 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

They came to see and listen – 25 long painful months after their presumptive “First Woman President” was soundly defeated….  They came in the faint hope that the Cherokee Squaw could fulfill their fondest dreams….

But the very first question Warren had to tap dance around was her recent failed DNA test.  She couldn’t even give them 1/1024th of an answer….

For some women,  and some Democrats,  – their dream of a FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT is far more important than any issues of Kim Jong-un building an EMP Nuclear Weapon.  Frankly, most of these feminists don’t understand EMP – or even care.

Let’s acknowledge success:  for these past 60+ years unionized (socialist) teachers in our public schools and universities have completely dumbed down three generations of American voters.

Most young voters (under 30) today couldn’t find North Korea or Syria on an unmarked map, and couldn’t give you even a cursory explanation of either the Russian or Chinese Revolutions….or what they cost in human casualties.

And for damned sure they couldn’t explain the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact,  – or what happened in the days,  weeks,  and months which followed.

The American media is a big part of the problem.

They no longer inform the public on key issues,  and nobody working for them have any grounding in History and Economics.

They’ve all become no better than supermarket tabloids,  – they all need to sell ink (or Nielsen ratings) to keep advertising $$ coming in,  – or they go out of business.  So they sell trashy stories about trashy people,  – and avoid serious discussions of serious issues.

So young Americans today can name the Kardashians,  but likely not their two (2) US Senators or the Justices on the Supreme Court.

When the Democrat National Convention of 2020 opens on Monday July 13th, – there is likely to still be serious indecision between the contenders:  Hillary (if still alive),  – the Squaw,  – Kamala Harris,  – Kirsten Gillibrand,  – and Michelle Obama….

The media will focus on which woman has the better chance of beating Trump;  – NOT on which would be a competent or worthy Commander-in-Chief.

Has anybody out there ever heard Warren speak about National Defense, – Border Security,  – or Black Unemployment?  

How about our drug epidemic or unemployed veterans…or our VA Hospitals…?

Or,…is she essentially a one-trick pony?

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