Invisible Atheists Lose In Court

Posted June 11th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Gutless bastards
John and Jane Doe
lose in Middlesex Superior Court.

They wanted ‘under Godremoved from the Pledge of Allegiance at Acton-Boxborough schools – so their kids wouldn’t be ‘traumatized’.

Traumatized?  How about growing up in an atheist family and being told that all there is – is what you can see and touch.

How about reaching adulthood and realizing that your parents are kooks?

I guess now they’ll demand state-funded trauma counseling and therapy?

I’ve always asked: when atheists take a round to the chest – and they know they’re dying – what do they yell out? ‘Oh…nobody!’ ?

RRB congratulates the AB School Committee and Superintendent Steve Mills for their courage in the face of this spurious attack by atheist attorney David Niosie and his faceless nameless spineless ‘clients’. 

We thank the judge who saw through this attempt by a minority of two – to impost their beliefs [lack of beliefs?] on the rest of our kids.

Hey David, how much did you bill these azzwholes?

Ask David: 

David Niosie
348 Lunenburg Street, Suite 202
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Phone: 978-343-0800   email:


One Response to “Invisible Atheists Lose In Court”

  1. TeaTime

    Atheism is a religion – they believe there is no God. Fine – they can recite the Pledge without saying “Under God”. Those who believe in God cannot force them to say those words and they cannot force their beliefs and make us take out the words either.

    The country was founded under God. We need to stop catering to every special interest – it waters down our culture amd morals.

    Honestly I am surprised this was the ruling in Massachusetts. And I think if these people are so devoted to their religion and principles – they should not be afraid to reveal themselves.