Into Obama’s Vacuum They Marched

Posted August 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

In his “I’m so much smarter than Bush” arrogance,  Mister Obama vacated Iraq using the cover story that al Maliki refused to sign a status-of-forces agreement.vacuum
That was a bullshit lie, – a cover story, – because al Maliki was in no position to refuse, if we’d done a little arm-twisting.

A stay-behind stabilization force of 20,000 troops and a little air power would have provided the glue to hold the Iraqi Army together, – giving them a chance to become professional over a generation, and prevented ISIS from ever venturing into the land.

That sure worked in Italy, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, and Korea.

 Obama could not care less

So you must ask: is Obama incredibly na?ve and inept; – or did he intend for Iraq to fail, – and for the Muslim Brotherhood to split the country into sectors, – beheading as they go?

Now ISIS / ISIL is strong and growing, already calling themselves the Islamic State, – and we are trying to fight them with ‘targeted / limited bombing strikes’ from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.

That puts those jet fighters at the extreme limitis of their effective flight range – with little on no loiter time, and reliant on “eyes on the ground” for precise targeting. Thus both the pilots and those “eyes on the ground” are at risk of being captured – and beheaded – ON CAMERA.

The evidence for Obama acting with deliberation and malace of forethought is clear:

– the botched arms-buying and arm-smuggling operation in Libya,

– throwing Mubarek under the bus and embracing Morsi in Egypt, – then failing to embrace the newly elected Egyptian President el Sissi.

– bombing Quaddafi – but failing to secure his weaponry

– throwing Israel under the bus and openly sympathizing with “the Palestinians” – despite the fact that Hamas – a terrorist group targeting civilians – runs Gaza.

– threatening to bomb Syria – as that country is gripped in a fight against al Qaeda murderers.

– hosting Muslim dinners in the White House and claiming that Muslims are entwined in the founding fabric of this country.

It’s pretty clear, this current pResident is a sworn enemy of Freedom, – is both anti-Christian and anti-Jewish, – and is a not-so-subtile backer of the emerging Islamic Caliphate. This is the CHANGE Americans were suckered into voting for – TWICE!

They paid the price

And to think that some Democrats want Hillary, Senator Squaw, or even Governor MoonBeam to follow Obama…..

So should we be thinking of the most Liberal candidate for 2016, – or the toughest?

8 Responses to “Into Obama’s Vacuum They Marched”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    As usual, the Arab States have been relatively silent with respect to the marauding ISIS butchers. The so called moderate Muslims have been noticeably detached, as well. The next country that seems to be a logical target for the marauding butchers is the Kingdom of Jordan, another ally of the United States. Since our intelligence on ISIS either completely failed or was not taken seriously, will this also be a surprise when the Jordainians are the next victim? The scope of this savage group respects no border and their goal of a world wide caliphate is seemingly on track.

  2. Varvara

    — muslims are entwined in the founding fabric of this country…

    What the hell was he drinking at that dinner, or smoking?
    Prove it. Name the history books where I can find this valuable information. Oh, that’s right, they haven’t been written yet.

  3. Walter Knight

    Ever since the Barbary Coast War (1801) America’s advantage over the Muslim world has been that Muslims are divided by nationality, sect, tribe, race, family, education, wealth, and ambition.

    Obama ignored allies. The Free Syrian Army should have been supported. There is already a wedge between many Muslim groups in the Middle East, we can pick and choose who to support rather than let the war fester until ISIS gains control like the Taliban did. The Kurds only need air support and ammo to succeed. Jordon needs our support. The new Egyptian government wants to be on our side, but Obama keeps pushing it away. Amazing.

    Minimal effort on our part can make a difference, but all Obama wants to do is bomb a few Toyota trucks out in the desert. ISIS anywhere in Iraq and Syria is a menace, not just when they’re slaughtering minority tribes in the hills.

    ISIS’s strategic plan is to unite Muslims. Their terror tactics get them press, but it’s ideology is what is most dangerous and needs to be stopped in its infancy.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Obama wanted this to happen. Pure and simple.

  5. Kojack

    Of course, Malaki didn’t help himself by firing the top military leadership that we spent $B’s training. The best thing we can do now that Obysmal has successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (short of boots on the ground) is arm the Kurds to the teeth and support them with drones and air support.

  6. Walter Knight

    Ha, I called it a few posts ago. It’s just announced that France will lead by supplying arms to the Kurds.

  7. MC

    “So you must ask: is Obama incredibly na?ve and inept; – or”
    Wonder if history will show this man is stoned most of the time. He surely looks and acts like it.

  8. Kojack

    BTW Obysmal is a sunni muslim which explains his hesitation to arm the kurds.