Into JamieBoy’s MoonBat Cave

Posted May 1st, 2011 by Iron Mike

A frighteningly surreal evening spent surrounded by a roosting colony of Mass MoonBats

Wednesday night our local Socialist – State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge held court.  He wanted to talk about social programs, taxes, and the governor’s budget plan. It was a frightening and revealing 90 minutes.

First let me issue a disclaimer of sorts:

I can only sympathize.  I have no idea what it’s like to raise a Down Syndrome child, a mentally unstable or dangerous child, or an autistic child.  Like most fathers, as my sons were developing and about to be born I prayed devoutly to my God that whatever sins I had committed, that He hold my babies harmless,  and let them be born healthy and normal.  He answered my prayers.

That said, and my sympathies not withstanding – the words, attitudes, and actions of some folks at that meeting were pretty over the top, and very revealing.

Senator JamieBoy Eldridge chats with his colony

They were mostly divided into three (3) groups:

  PARENTS of Special Needs people

  EMPLOYEES of Institutions that care for special needs people

  ENVIRONMENTAL wackos – acolytes of Al Gore – folks who are so obsessed with caring for Mother Earth that they want to severely restrict the lives, freedoms, and lifestyles of humans.

These and the GLBT community are JamieBoy’s core constituencies. To everybody else – including the unions – he gives lip service.

Jamie and I don’t like each other very much.  Six years ago he stood on the steps of Boxborough’s Town Hall and told the kids [mostly elementary and JrHigh kids] marching in the Memorial Day Parade ‘that we should be thankful for our Constitution and our 1st Amendment – which gives us Freedom FROM Religion’.  It was all I could do to restrain myself.

And I’ve called him on it ever since.  For six years he has steadfastly refused to apologize or to admit he misspoke. He actually defends his position.

So I’ve taken to leaving him copies of the 1st and 2nd Amendments whenever he speaks to a group. As any good citizen I don’t want to hear my elected officials misspeak. When I placed Jamie’s cheat-sheet on the table Wednesday night – he snatched it away and crumpled it into a ball before I could even get his picture doing it.


Jamie began his pitch to his admirers by explaining that with income tax receipts much lower [8.2% unemployment – jobs moving out of state] there is less ‘state money’ to go around. Governor Patrick’s budget calls for a 20% reduction in money for ‘services’, and Jamie’s plan is to increase state income tax to 6% so ‘services’ won’t have to take a cut.

Mind you, the voters have already approved ballot measures in past years to reduce it to 5%.

Then the voters got to ask questions or make remarks.

The biggest group to speak were the parents of special needs kids or grown kids who were in fear that various schooling and day care programs would be eliminated and force them to provide care for their own kids. This group by their words and attitudes had all long ago transferred parental responsibility to the state – i.e. to the taxpayers.  They were literally offended that they would be required to provide [pay for] care for their offspring. It would be an unbearable hardship. My stomach was turning.

While one lady reminded Jamie that 45% of people in the state pay ZERO taxes, at least a dozen people were arguing that we should ‘tax the RICH’. They were pretty snarly about it too – clearly showing their belief that the rich had gotten that way by guile, theft, or inheritance.

When one gent remarked that this was basically class warfare he was booed down. And someone else promptly said that other states tax even higher than Massachusetts, – that ‘we are way behind’.

Others wanted to see sales taxes on services. One fellow had a whole list of service professionals he wanted to see forced to add a tax to their bills. But not lawyers! Another lady suggested we tax clothing.

A local school committee activist John Peterson – remarked that he was ‘embarrassed by the income inequality of people in the state’.  His solution of course was to increase taxes on the rich.

His sidekick in socialism Terry Lindgren – a leftover 1970s hippie who still looks uncomfortable in shoes – was pleased with Jamie’s proposed tax increase, but wanted something to go further – to make ‘structural changes’ in society.  How about block wardens Terry? And worker’s cells and re-education camps?

A father of a special needs kid – Michael Biales – told Jamie he was happy to pay more taxes, then asked Jamie to raise his taxes.

[Sure – a small increase in taxes for Michael would be far cheaper than paying private day-care rates to care for his child. His family problem is now your problem?]

Later I asked Michael if he had voluntarily paid the higher tax rate himself a week ago. He looked stunned, – said ‘Oh, somebody does my taxes.’ I persisted, – but did you instruct them to check the box to pay MORE?  No, – he hadn’t.

In all there were about 5 of the 45 who asked sensible questions about cutting waste in state government, pension reforms for government employees, and about whether all the taxes here were running business out of the state. Several including Tony Dibona and myself were booed down. 

" infrastructure"

JamieBoy’s answer to recent business departures like Evergreen Solar and Fidelity is “to build more infrastructure“.

Always the expensive government solution.  Always involving union labor.  Always JamieBoy shall be in charge of picking projects, picking winners, picking causes, and taxing you to pay for it.  [If you’re not familiar – JamieBoy took personal credit through two election cycles for ‘bringing Evergreen to Devens‘]

At least a half-dozen folks were there to continue preaching the Green Gospel according to Saint Albert. They were full of cautionary stories – ‘if only we’d have paid attention an monitored W R Grace . . .’ It mostly boils down to ‘I have a nice piece of property and I don’t want anything built next to it.

There was even the full-life educational nut there who sees educational value in everything – if only government will fund it.

JamieBoy concluded by telling the crowd he has introduced over 100 bills in the State Senate – including one for a graduated income tax. He was careful not to mention all the work he spent last year pushing his Transgender Bathroom Bill.

These folks were thrilled. They live in the finest country the world has EVER seen, and they want it changed!

And they are adamant – the companies – those evil profit-oriented companies – and those selfish rich people who keep their money and don’t create jobs – should be made to pay for it.

I came away disheartened. By my estimate the forces of sanity were outnumbered 9-to-1 by the forces of selfishness. The ‘I want government to pay for my problem’ folks are loud, unrelenting, and in your face. Long ago they transferred any notion of personal responsibility to government led ‘collective responsibility’. And many have done more than that, they’re making a living at it.

The socialist transformation of the once fiercely independent and self-sufficient Massachusetts Bay Colony into this writhing morass of government dependency and clawing constituencies has taken at least three generations – 60 full years.

A single election or a single lifetime will not be enough to reverse it.

It may already be irreversible. The union teachers have done their jobs. They have turned three generations of kids into willing – even eager – socialist dupes.  Are you surprised that JamieBoy is a teacher’s kid?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


Once upon a time in this country each state operated a fairly robust series of ‘homes’ or ‘hospitals’ for the mentally ill. Liberals rose up in the 60s and 70s to call them ‘inhumane’ – and most states were forced to turn sick people out into the streets or back to their families.

So then came a network of more expensive ‘care centers’ – which are far more at risk of losing funding year-to-year.

AND, during these same recent decades these states – pushed hard by liberals and unions – have made life increasingly difficult and frustrating for business and industry.  Most that could depart – have already gone, leaving a state-wide legacy of empty mills, empty factories, and empty storefronts, and decaying downtowns.

If we still had a normal industrial base here in Massachusetts – or in any other state – these ‘social service costs’ would not be the budget-breaking items they suddenly are.  If we had a NORMAL tax revenue stream from a NORMAL industrial base, these costs would be all but unnoticed.  

But the liberals and the unions killed or chased away the golden goose, and now we’re broke, – but they still want ‘their services’.  AND their ‘free medical care’ too!

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