Insider: How Google Filters Conservatives

Posted June 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

After 10 years of publishing RRB, we can assure you that some of our best postings are either very low ranked, or more likely – not even displayed.  And it’s not just Google.

James O’Keefe interviews an insider.  Imagine,  – a search engine taking it upon itself to decide what you’re allowed to SAY, – and what information you’re allowed to KNOW.  Stalin is smiling!


No wonder the Communist Chinese are so keen to have Google build their Chinese Search Engine,…they want the SAME FILTERED RESULTS,  – plus they want anybody searching for “forbidden” information pinpointed – so they can be arrested! 

One Response to “Insider: How Google Filters Conservatives”


    Yourtub has taken the video down, but Vimeo and BitChute both still have it up!

    Censorship will only get WORSE until it is so obvious/blatant/egregious that not even the #FakeNews media will be able to kvetch when Trump acts.


    TY Catherine!