Indiana Dumps Ted; Wounds Hillary

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Middle America – the Left’s so-called “Fly-Over Country” settles a score….it will be Trump vs a Wounded Hillary,…
Trump and Bernie win Indiana
if the FBI doesn’t indict her!    Ted Cruz drops out.
Damned scary that 17% of Indiana voted for an admitted Socialist!

Now,…will Mass Gov Charlie Baker still boycott Cleveland?

3 Responses to “Indiana Dumps Ted; Wounds Hillary”

  1. Walter Knight

    Sanders might still get a majority of the elected delegates. That means he has a strong case for Super Delegates to change their votes. Doubt they will.

    Trump already has complimented Cruz for being smart, tough, and a hell of a competitor. They may still join forces. Record amounts of voters participated in the primaries because of Trump and Cruz. That’s a win for everyone.


    with both leading candidates with high negatives it becomes a crapshoot to find which is disliked more.A LOT DEPENDS ON WHAT cLINTON INFORMATION IS CARRIED FORDWARD IN THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS.iT WONT BE PRETTY.

  3. Hawk1776

    Trump will carry the majority of states. The problem is with the electoral college. The big hitters are:

    California 55 votes
    Texas 38
    New York 29 votes
    Florida 29 votes
    Pennsylvania 20 votes
    Illinois 20 votes

    Trump should carry Texas. My guess is that Hillary carries California; it’s a left wing looney bin. I think she’ll also carry Illinois as the state will look to the Democrats for a bail out. Trump needs to steal a few states from Hillary. It’s an uphill battle. In 2012 Romney took 48% of the popular vote compared for 51% for Obama. Unfortunately Obama won 61% of the electoral votes. Regardless of how bad Hillary is, Trump is up against the numbers.