Posted February 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A full year of campaigning ends in a GIANT Cluster-Fuck!  They hate Trump,  – they want FREE STUFF,  and they plan to pay for everything by super-taxing those evil RICH.

The young geniuses who would run our country and open our borders can’t count the number of people in a room.

The lack of solid numbers has ALL the Democrat candidates either claiming “Victory” or “Momentum”.

Now we hold our breath to see if next Tuesday New Hampshire screws up the count too,  – since voter fraud there is a cherished Democrat tradition. (The commie college professors bus kids around to vote multiple times per day…).

Stock market futures rose this morning on the Democrat chaos – investors feel relieved that with this level of disarray and incompetence,  the Democrats will be unable to unseat Trump.

Since Democrats are at their very best when BLAMING other people for their failures,  – let’s see who gets blamed for this state-wide Iowa Democrat screw-up.

3 Responses to ““INCONSISTENCIES” ??”

  1. Kilsyth

    If it weren’t for the fact that such fundamental incompetence provides a gaping opening for voter fraud, the Iowa caucus results so far would be entertaining.

    With so many candidates each proclaiming a personal victory of sorts, they All look pathetic.

    Struggling with arithmetic, this is the party that wants to raise taxes, And take over more of health care, energy, education, ad infinitum. Frightening. No wonder they have no idea how much anything would cost.

  2. Kojack

    The party that wants to “fix” the earth’s climate can’t even convincingly FIX its own primary. Cluster-fuck is an under-statement!

    Just heard on the radio that the app developer has ties to the HILDEBEAST. Why am I not surprised?!?!?

  3. Han Solo

    They should give each candidate a participation trophy and move on.