Inaugural Amtrak Ride Derails

Posted December 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

How soon will a MoonBat grab a TV crew and blame this on Trump and Global Warming…?
HOLY SHIT!   BREAKING!   An AntiFA website claims credit – by pouring concrete on the tracks – to stop fracking equipment from reaching Dakota oil fields.   This would make it an act of Domestic Terrorismi.e. Death Penalty!

Thank GOD that Loretta Lynch is no longer running the Justice Department – or this would never get investigated!

Why do I think we’re once again going to find a ‘perfect storm’ of errors and blunders…?

UPDATE:  Wed 22 May 2019    Investigation over:

The National Transportation Safety Board said Amtrak Cascades train 501 was going more than twice the speed limit around a dangerous curve on Dec. 18, 2017 when it derailed on an overpass over Interstate 5 in Dupont, Wash. and the engine and four cars plummeted onto the highway, striking eight vehicles.

Investigators took aim at the transit agency Sound Transit for not sufficiently mitigating the danger of the sharp bend,  Amtrak for not better training the engineer,  the Washington State Department of Transportation for not ensuring the route was safe before green-lighting a passenger train and the Federal Railroad Administration for using rail cars beneath regulatory standards.

NTSB officials determined the engineer, who had only done one southbound trip on the route,  missed the one speed-limit sign two miles ahead of the sharp turn and had “insufficient training on both the route and the equipment.”

They launched the new route before speed controls were installed.

8 Responses to “Inaugural Amtrak Ride Derails”

  1. Joe Dunn

    3, 2, 1…

  2. Joe Dunn

    Already hearing people blame it on not enough money being spent on infrastructure. The left never misses an opportunity to blame taxpayers for every problem.

  3. Vic

    They should have used Reardon steel.

  4. Catherine

    I heard of “obstruction on the tracks” which makes me think at some point we’ll hear about some “poor deluded person” who didn’t realize – with ZERO mention of their (middle-eastern? illegal alien?) origins…

    But then I’m cynical, and I *hope* I turn out to be wrong on this one.

    Lord help those hurt, the first responders trying to help, and all the families of those hurt and killed.

  5. Catherine

    Ah; a group I neglected to include. Going forward I will make sure to expand my list of “usual suspects” to include those leftist scum.


    Soros-funded leftist scum!

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Iron Mike: aAnything more recent? That screen shot says “April 20th”…

  7. GreenBeretLTC

    Way to go state of Washington! Spend your tax dollars on welfare, food stamps, healthcare and subsidized education for illegal residents, killing babies in utero and legal Mary Jane and it’s consequences instead of supervising transportation assets and enforcing safety requirements.

    Why can’t we simply emancipate the Left Coast states, employ hundreds of construction companies to dig a canal along the east side borders of those states, divert the Pacific Ocean into the canal, then fill it with crocodiles!

  8. Sonny's Mom

    An awesome young 2nd Lieutenant pulled more than 30 people to safety: