In The Lair Of The Toothless Dragon

Posted September 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

This will make Cinderella and Snow White feel really good…
Toothless Dragon
UN Security Council [what a cruel oxymoron] votes to strip Syria of it’s chemical weapons.  WoW!  Problem SOLVED!  Right..?  How come they didn’t do it 20 years ago with Iraq?

I’m sure that Bashar al Assad is quaking in his Florsheims.
Assad and the Dragon
So the Security Council voted! It means nothing!  Without teeth, their vote is a meaningless gesture – a public admission that they are powerless. 

And Thank God, – because these bastards would be constantly voting against us – despite the fact we’re been hosting them and funding them since 1945!

I can think of only one (1) act of aggression they actually moved to thwart – North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in the summer of 1950 – sixty-three years ago!

Since then…worthless,…and expensive!

Now the only ‘teeth’ the UN has to grab Syria’s chemical weapons are the Russian Army.  That should work out really well.   Democrats like Obama, Powers, and Kerry are utter fools.
Kerry and Powers


UPDATE:   Thurs 22 Oct 2015    Two Years Later:   Russian Army and Air Force units are now IN SYRIA – helping Assad crush those ‘Good Syrian Rebels’ [that we trained] – and guaranteeing Russia a solid base on the Eastern Mediterranean… Great job Lurch!

Assad and Putin

3 Responses to “In The Lair Of The Toothless Dragon”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Don’t forget though—–the Korean War never ended. Only got an armistice in place, and they’ve been staring daggers at each other over the table ever since. So—–the U.N. is the only organization with a worse record than the current speaker of the house. I expect him to fold at the last minute as per usual.

  2. Walter Knight

    Russian ‘peacekeepers’ will be funded by the UN. So, we will pay for Russian troops.

  3. Hawk1776

    The only tactic that will work is for the UN to issue a “stern warning” to Syria. I’m certain that will make Assad fold.