In Fourteen Hundred And Ninety-Two…

Posted October 12th, 2015 by Iron Mike

…Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue….
Columbus and Boabdil
As we celebrate Columbus Day – it it an American holiday,  – or a Spanish or an Italian one?

Is October 12th Columbus’s birthday – or the day he made landfall in the New World?
Columbus 3 ships

Who was Abu `Abdallah Muhammad XII,  – and how does he figure into the story?  What was the Nasrid Dynasty?


What was the Alhambra Decree,  and how does it too fit into the story of Columbus?

Alhambra Decree

Many men in Columbus’s crews sailed with him despite fearing death in one of two forms?  What were they?

Simple Math: 2015 – 1492 = 523    OK, what has changed?

2 Responses to “In Fourteen Hundred And Ninety-Two…”

  1. Asusue

    Once again, Mike, thank you for forcing me to educate myself.

  2. Catherine

    It was the money confiscated from the Jews expulsed from Spain that funded the trip. Why not go east and then overland to Cathay? Easy: caliphate in the way. Why not go south around the Horn of Africa? Length of trip, vicious weather, even more vicious currents. Those trips took well over a year if everything went well.

    Governments run on tax money (confiscated from the people one way or ‘tother) and increased commerce means fatter tax receipts. So a better way to trade with the far east was a risk well worth taking with the new money in their coffers.