In Defense Of Martha Coakley

Posted January 17th, 2010 by Iron Mike

In The People’s Court – Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Federal Election Commission
vs  Martha Coakley, Esquire
Docket No  19-01-2010
Charge:  False, Misleading and Deceptive Campaign Advertising
The Honorable John Q. Voter, Presiding 

Suddenly Lipstick?

Is Defendant represented by council?

   “John Ketchup Kerry, Your Honor, of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Stalin and Marx.”   “Very well.”

“Is the Prosecution ready?”   “Ready your honor.”  “Very well, proceed.”

   Voice from audience:  “Excuse me Your Honor,  Iron Mike appearing as Amicus Curiae, on behalf of the People.  I believe we can present evidence which will quickly exonerate the defendant.”    “Approach!”


   “Your Honor,  we believe the Defendant cannot be found guilty by virtue of Diminished Capacity, – specifically that she did not and does not have sufficient mental capacity to form the intent or to plan or carry out the fraud and deception that she’s being charged with.”   “Explain, and make it quick!”

   “Simple Your Honor.  Look at People’s Exhibit 1 – her UPS ad.  There is simply no way Defendant Coakley was clever enough to think up this stuff.   Look at her entire record, – she’d never done anything clever on her own, ever.  She doesn’t think, she’s always just followed the Democratic [now Socialist] party line.  Even a stunt this awful is a good forty points above her IQ level”.

   “In fact Your Honor, we can pretty much imagine how it really went down.  A bunch of young snot noses – probably fresh out of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia got hired by MoveOn and Organizing for America and the SEIU and ACORN.  They came in here in their Prisus, thought they were wicked clever, and she just went along with it.  And you know she loves recording – ‘I’m Martha Coakley, and I approved this message.’ – because she loves the sound of her own voice.”

   “Your Honor,  she’s guilty of gross negligence, because she never looked at the ads,  any more than she looked at John Geoghan’s record, or read Cap-and-Trade, or read the 2500 pages of ObamaCare!  She’s never done her homework Your Honor,  or she wouldn’t be running those scare tactic ads against Scott Brown.  She is guilty of being a willing sock puppet for Obama and Soros and the Socialist Left, – but again Your Honor, it’s that diminished capacity thing working, er, I mean not working.”

    “Further Your Honor, Defendant Coakley is of such diminished capacity that she cannot effectively participate in her own defense.   The evidence will show that every time she gets asked a simple direct question she stutters, stumbles, and double-talks, – and is unable to render a cogent answer.  Res Ipsa Loquitur Your Honor – the thing speaks for itself.”

  “Your Honor, in the interest of saving the People a lot of time and expense, may I suggest you simply have her resign as AG,  surrender her law license,  and stipulate that she not right a book?”

“Good idea.  Defendant will rise.  So Ordered!    Now everybody go vote for Scott!”
– – – – – – – – – –
Massachusetts, if you want your country and your dignity back,  send Obama and his socialists Czars a clear message Tuesday, – vote for Scott Brown.

Everybody Else in America,  – if you value Democracy and Free Enterprise and Freedom of Speech, the 2nd Amendmant, and unborn babies,   then call and e-mail every person you know here in Massachusetts and tell them how important it is to vote for Scott.  Even if they’re fourth or fifth generation Democrat, they must find the courage to break those chains.  There are no Democrats in this race.   Martha is a willing socialist stooge.    And Americans, pray for our country!  Please!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. supportourmarines

    “every time she gets asked a simple direct question she stutters, stumbles, and double-talks”……does that sound familiar? That’s why she pawns herself off as another Ted Kennedy — only she can’t blame alcohol on her antics. She is just plain stupid.

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