Imagine If They’d Been Good & Decent Men…

Posted October 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Clinton had looks and power,  Weinstein had money and power,  – – and BOTH had women actually attracted to them.  So why did they need to grope, paw, fondle, and coerce vulnerable young women?

And in the era of Feminism,…why were so many young women so easily ensnared and abused?

We know that Bill Clinton got away with his lechery and abuse of vulnerable subordinates for the same reasons the John Kennedy had 30 years prior, – he was the President;  – and all Democrats circled the wagons around him,  – even as he was being impeached.

In his day,  Kennedy was admired but he too was a secret horn-dog.  Then all his women exploiting sins were ‘forgiven’ by the assassination. “You can’t speak ill of the dead you know”, …even if he’d let the crew of his PT boat get drunk and fall asleep while on ambush patrol…

In his time in office Clinton was admired, – – so much that I can still remember Geraldo Rivera’s frustrated rant:

“…it was just an act of consensual sex between two adults!”  

Decades later Geraldo – always the anti-border / pro-illegal immigrant self-appointed spokesman – still argues for Clinton.  None so blind….

This video is a lesson in pathetic left-wing excuse-making at it’s finest!

The left ignored,  denied,  and excused Clinton’s serial sexual predations.  The US Senate refused to convict him in his impeachment trial.

Now,  20 years later it’s a fat Hollywood mogul in trouble – for the same kind of grubby-handed low-life behavior.  Clearly nobody in Hollywood learned anything from the Clinton impeachment, – except that their left-wing allies will stand by them….

Clinton should have gone to jail – for a variety of crimes.  By 2012 – his ‘wife’ Hillary should also have been in prison for treason,  – as she still should be today for her additional treasons and taking of illegal foreign campaign money….

At RRB we wonder:  Where were the righteous feminist? 

When will the media admit the the only real differences between Kennedy,  Bill Clinton,  and Harvey Weinstein – is that Weinstein is old, ugly, and fat?

It seems all the finger-pointing is designed to divert attention from Kennedy and Clinton,…and from Hillary – the serial enabler…

Who can the Democrats run in 2020 – who shall have remained mute today on BOTH Weinstein’s and Bill Clinton’s serial abuse of young women?

Has the Democrat Party become so totally corrupted that the only ‘Woman’s Issue” they care about is Planned Murderhood?

One Response to “Imagine If They’d Been Good & Decent Men…”

  1. Hawk1776

    Clinton, regardless of protests and semantics, had sex with an employee in the Oval Office. Two strikes and you’re out in my book.

    Yesterday when discussing Roman Polanski, another rapist, Geraldo lobbied to separate Polanski’s personal side behavior from his creative side. Geraldo should go back to looking for Al Capone’s vault.

    In the mid-1990s Senator Bob Packwood was forced to resign from office for sexual misconduct. That was fine with me; a pig is a pig. At the same time however, the left extolled serial sexual abuser Ted Kennedy and his buddy Chris Dodd. What hypocrisy.