I’m Not Going To Pay For This #*¢king Wall!

Posted February 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Ouch!  Sure looks like the Donald has gotten inside the head of former Mexican President Vicente Fox….
Vicente Fox fucking wall
Remember that under President Fox,  Mexico gave people a pamphlet of instructions on how to cross the border and what free benefits to apply for…. 40-second video below the fold:

…he switches to English at the end…

The good news here is that Fox seems to accept the inevitability of President Trump,…AND that a wall is coming….

Fox and GW Bush

And frankly,  Fox during his time [Dec 2000 – Nov 2006] was a BIG PART of Mexico getting great deals under NAFTA,…but he didn’t do much about curbing illegal immigration or the drug cartels….

…so anything that toasts his tacos,…is well-deserved!

Fox with Castro 2002

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