Illegals: Happily Selling You Deadly Poison

Posted May 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Listen,  that’s killing people,  I already told you,”  Jose Rosado Sanchez, 46,  said about fentanyl in an intercepted conversation on May 5,  according to federal court papers.
A friend of mine told that the blue one is good,  but it kills a lot of people,”   Ramon Gonzalez Nival, 40, chuckled,  according to the court papers.

Can your average Liberal connect the dots between “Sanctuary Cities” and the deadly fentanyl overdose epidemic?

200 cops enter Lawrence (sanctuary city) nab 30 suspects (16 illegal), 6 guns, and 2 kilograms of fentanyl.

The fentanyl can straight up kill you – just by getting some on your skin.  These illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republican were laughing about it.


Where are the buyers getting their drug money?

Recently Maine Governor Paul LePage drew rebukes from Massachusetts left-wing political vermin when he claimed that Maine’s drug problems were centered in Lawrence.

Of course – these same Mass MoonBats fervently believe that Marijuana is “…just a harmless non-addictive recreational drug with medicinal qualities…”.   Plus they want to TAX it!

This latest raid into the drug dens of Lawrence isn’t the first.  The last big one was just 23 months ago.

Lawrence and Lowell were once the Cradles of the Industrial Revolution in the New World.  

WHO do you think made the uniforms for our Military from the Civil War forward…?

When people had JOBS – they didn’t need drugs to feel good about themselves.

But generations of Democrat rule have turned these once-mighty industrial cities into welfare queens – crime-riddled drug addicted third-world cesspools harboring thousands of illegal immigrants…..

.all at our expense!

With 30 established well-trained drug pushers off the streets (for the moment) – WHO will step up to meet the needs of the market?

How much will 30 Public Defenders cost us Taxpayers?

7 Responses to “Illegals: Happily Selling You Deadly Poison”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe as part of their sentencing, if they are sentenced, they can be fed their own product….

  2. Charlie N

    More proof that we must stop the legalizing of Sanctuary cities by the safe communities Act, S1305, by Senator James Eldridge Bill. Call and write your state rep and senator and governor.

  3. Kojack

    Lynn, Lawrence and Lowell are known as the three L’s in law enforcement circles which is an easy way to remember that they are the most burdened de-facto sanctuary cities in MA where “refugees”, unaccompanied minors and other illegals have been placed.

    Compare the conditions of these cities during the eras those pictures were taken to their present conditions and you will know the “benefits” of sanctuary cities, non-assimilation and multiculturalism.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Fentanyl can actually be absorbed through the skin. First responders sometumes have to be treated in scene after having inadvertently touched or inhaled it.

    “Why fentanyl is deadlier than heroin, in a single photo”
    Allison Bond – Sept 29, 2016

  5. Sherox

    Sanctuary states or cities by definition are illegal. All elected officials swear to uphold and defend the Constitution, to uphold federal, state and local laws as applicable to their position. It just needs to be enforced by Jeff Sessions and or all attorney generals.

  6. Peter S


    Key Paragraph from the MA Statehouse News below:

    “The arrests included five people unlawfully present in the country and another five who had illegally re-entered after deportation”

    If this Friday’s unSafe Communities Act is passed, law enforcement will be forbidden from solving crimes. And drug traffickers will again reign supreme.

    Please help by testifying Friday at 10 AM at the MA Statehouse against the UnSafe Communities Act.

    Peter S.


  7. Paul

    I live in Lawrence. A kilo costs 30k. Two would be 60k. Does the fact that this is exaggerating by 28 times the cash value lead yo I to believe that it’s maybe an attempt to control your opinions? For the record I’m a conservative as well as very against the drug trade. But I also dig honesty and facts that let me from my own opinion. This is poor information presented in a manner that is propaganda at best (if we want to be nice). We’re your readers so please respect our intelligence. We didn’t become right wing by being lied to it was a conscious decision.


    OK Paul, if you have a POINT to make – state it plainly.

    You drop a comment almost 8 months after the fact – and you expect to be taken seriously? Explain yourself.