If You Like Your Senator….

Posted December 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

2014 is going to be a fun year politically….

Now if New Hampshire can just find a REAL Republican to run against her!  
Definitely not you Scott Brown – you back-stabbing RiNO carpet-bagger!

2 Responses to “If You Like Your Senator….”

  1. Tom

    New Hampshire is becoming more and more like its Southern neighbor, the land of moonbats, Taxachusetts. They will gladly brace a RiNO and as an example they have Kelly Ayotte, who always votes with the usual suspects, Collins, McCain, et al.
    The only position that will hurt Brownie is his gun control position. Who has the money and popularity of Brown in NH? Where is Meldrin Thompson when we really need him? Unfortunately, he will not be down for breakfast, but Brownie will.

  2. Hugh

    Well I guess our brothers to the north are looking for the magic of Brown circa special election, they will be disappointed, very disappointed. They MUST HAVE SOMEBODY IN NH, come on now Granite State. He snipes at the Conservatives as the problem and tries to claim He is like Reagan was. He is like Reagan? In what way Scott? Other than being a fairly handsome man, what the H#ll do you have in common with the Gipper?

    I hear you on Howie all the time btw, and I love the points you make. I am gtting Tired very tired of Howie and Sandy sniffing Scott’s throne. He will defend Scott no matter what it seems. Just figured I’d vent a little.