If Only OBummer Had Some Hair

Posted August 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Hillary ran an ad in 2008 about  the 3 AM phone call Obama is ignoring the ringing.  He isn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  Despite all those times he’s used troops for photo-ops, despite playing hoop in front of wounded warriors,  despite wearing a Marine t-shirt during the campaign,  OBummer is proving right now that he doesn’t have a clue, and doesn’t have any hair where it counts!

SITUATION:  A young traitor has leaked precious military secrets to a hostile entity – the web-site called Wikileaks.  Wikileaks owner – Julian Assange – hates what he believes is “American Imperialism and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan”.  He has already released thousands of documents which have and will hurt our troops and our allies.

They are about to release more.

Problem 1:  Our DoD intelligence services have totally blown it by letting a junior soldier have so much access to so much material.  Worse, there are reliable reports that the man may be either gay and/or transgendered.  This is a recipe for instability and irrational behavior. 

We saw this before in 1967 when a gay supply sergeant in the Berlin Brigade was set up with an East German lover.  He walked a brand-new Redeye missile through the Brandenburg Gate.  By 1972,  Soviet copies of the Redeye were shooting down American planes and helicopters in South Vietnam.

Problem 2:  Presidential inertia – i.e. Obama has FAILED to ACT to STOP WikiLeaks. 

We have the resources to stop these out-of-control idiots.  The danger to our troops and our allies is clear and present.  The release of these documents WILL cause allies to be murdered – their families first in front of them. 

WikiLeaks / Assange either doesn’t believe it, – or considers it acceptable collateral damage in the greater good of hurting the USA.  It’s PAST TIME for a presidential finding of “Clear and Present Danger”.

We’ve got the ability to stop it.  Wikileaks is most likely operating from servers in Sweden.  We can take them out without risking nuclear retaliation by the Swedish Air Force.  Send in the SEALs, send in the CIA, sent in the F117s or the B2. – but destroy the servers.  Ask the Israelis to hunt down Assange and eliminate him.  Don’t even give any warning at this late date.  Send a message to azzswholes everywhere – don’t #uck with America! 

Problem 3:  Tighten up on how we handle sensitive information! 

Problem 4:  Come November 6th 2012 – let’s elect a real president – one who understands his oath, will honor it, who understands the duties of being Commander-in-Chief.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. dannap


    My husband and I enjoyed the music of the USNavy Country Current this past weekend. Besides bringing us top notch musicianship, the entertainment was superb. More importantly, the members of the band recognized those serving our country and protecting its freedoms. As I looked out over the Atlantic Ocean, my heart was in Iraq once again, thinking of the sacrifice of my own son, Cory Palmer.

    A fiercely independent young man . . . since birth, really, he believed that it was imperative for all people to have the opportunity to experience freedom. What’s more, he recognized that our freedoms are at risk now, and have been under attack in many different ways.

    Our country is under seige politically . . . we may very well give up our freedoms without a shot being fired. Pay attention to the RabidRepublicanBlog. Challenge it, research it, and act upon what you find. So far, they have withstood the muster of being examined. The Obama Administration cannot survive examination. Each inquiry is met with a distraction from the question asked. Isn’t it gold that survives heat and fire, and chafe that is burned away?

    Only your vote for men and women who vote for our Constitutional Rights and Privileges should remain in office as each election comes around. November is getting close. Start examining the voting records of every legislator for whom you will vote. Do it now. It really DOES matter.

    Danna, MarineMom