If ONLY MassHoles Had Our Own US Senators!

Posted June 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Squaw and Chevy Chase Eddie – two people who never had ANY intentions of representing Massachusetts in the US Senate.

In the beginning (1787) the Senators were supposed to act as the Ambassadors of the States – chosen by each state legislature,  – and they were to represent the interest of their respective state.  Then the 17th Amendment turned them into mere 6-year Representatives,  – chosen by popular vote, and with no regard to the vested interest of their home state.  THEN we got Kennedy, Kerry, the Squaw and Markey…

Kennedy – for all his faults – still pretended to care about the state he came from.

Kerry cared about Kerry – and running for President….

The Squaw came first for vengeance – for not being chosen to run the CFPB,  – but she quickly got drunk on her daily dose of TV publicity, – so she jumped on any and all liberal causes…. Massachusetts?  Where is that?   Do they have MONEY?

Markey is the story of moss.

As a young man he spent 4 years in the Mass Legislature. Then he sat in the wilderness of the Congress, growing old in the shade – for 37 long quiet years.

He bought a mansion in Chevy Chase,  and showed up here every two years for election-time photo-ops….


When Obama finally appointed Lurch as SecState in 2013 (after it became clear he couldn’t get Susan Liar Rice through the Senate),  The former Ice Cream Man (his only civilian job – ever) decided to increase his pension.

Because MassHole voters are genetically stupid, the 37-year do-nothing never-was Congressman from Malden (where his house was vacant) suddenly blew past other Democrat wannabes like Stephen Lynch in the 2013 Special Election to become a US Senator.   

Under the Mouseketeer, the MassGOP could only offer fake republican Gabriel “Navy Seal” Gomez – who after losing admitted he is as anti-gun as Markey.

Markey only had to move some office furniture on Capital Hill.

In 2014, the best the MassGOP Republicrats could field against him was fake republican Brian Herr – who also REFUSED to be interviewed by RRB.

With a keen eye for things trendy,  Markey has jumped on the Environment,  “Assault Weapons”,  and now AOC’s Green New Deal.  We think she stirs his juices….

The point is that we Taxpaying Citizens of this Socialist Commonwealth don’t have a US Senator of our own. 

Markey is mailing it in and collecting his paychecks;  – and Warren is still running to become the First Great White Mother….

This lifelong liar and con artist wants to be our hand-waiving Commander-in-Chief….

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  1. Kojack

    You gotta admit, MASS-HOLES are giving CA a run for their money when it comes to MOON-BATS. CA still has nothing that can compare with the SWIMMER.