If Only Charlie Baker Had Some Balls

Posted May 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Both Massachusetts and Maine have rogue Attorney Generals,  – who are pursuing their own personal agendas and not representing the interests of their respective states.

Our Charlie Baker – aka Tall Deval is hiding under his desk.   Maine’s Paul LePage just sued his wayward bitch!

The issue in both states is state Attorney Generals joining lawsuits against Trump’s Executive Orders emplacing a temporary entry ban from certain terror-ridden Muslim countries.

Following the Soros playbook,  both Janet Mills and Maura Healey joined other liberal states in suing the President.

Charlie Baker (who supported Jeb Bush,  Christie,  and finally Kasich – and proudly stated he left the top of his ballot BLANK) has remained mute over Healey’s actions.

LePage is a patriot.   He is suing Mills for failing to represent the interests of Maine,  – which is having a HUGE problem with Somali ‘refugees’…

Too bad our ‘Governor’ isn’t looking out for us.  Is he waiting for the next Marathon Bombing….?

2 Responses to “If Only Charlie Baker Had Some Balls”

  1. jim buba

    If Baker had balls, he’d be all growd up!

  2. Sherox

    The real question is why Jeff Sessions is not arresting each one of these governors and attorney generals who are not doing their job to enforce existing laws and who are encouraging lawlessness.