If Obama Was SO Smart….

Posted December 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Why didn’t this business resurgence happen when HE came into office in January 2009?   America could have have had 8 years of this kind of GROWTH,  – and for sure Hillary or Biden would be President today….

So was Obama stupid, – evil, – – or just anti-American?
ATTN: Hillary Supporters:  We expect you to sell your stocks before 2018 in protest – just to PROVE you really love her!

One Response to “If Obama Was SO Smart….”

  1. Kojack

    Just like a GD DEMOCRAP to make the outrageous claim that Trump is benefitting from Obysmal’s policies. I’ve been hearing this tripe more and more from the DEMOCRAP “strategists”/contributors on FOX and WRKO. So it took 8 YEARS for polices formulated by the narcisstic islamic Marxist community agitator WHO NEVER MADE A NICKEL IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR to kick in?!?!? Yeah, right. What a bunch of obnoxious, lying ASSHOLES!!! The GDP never got higher than 2% under Obysmal and it only got that high for less than 2 quarters in 8 years!

    Even when he made much ado about GM being alive and Osama Bin Laden being dead in 2012 that was because Bush (wrongly) bailed out GM and the patriots of SEAL Team 6 killed Bin Laden. It had nothing to do with him except that he finally approved the op after waiting 24 hours hoping that the tactical situation would change enough so that it would be scrubbed or it would fail.