If Not Biden, – Who?

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

As the ‘Brain Trust’ around Obama plans this election year – one nagging question must be “What do we do about Joe?”  The National Village Idiot has become a weekly – sometimes daily – gaffe machine, surely grist for the GOP mill. So I was thinking of some likely and some unlikely replacements…

2 Responses to “If Not Biden, – Who?”

  1. Lyndi Lanphear

    I am very disappointed that Bill Hudak has suspended his run for Congress. Many have decided to help Teisi, now that Hudak is out of the race. But I am sick of holding my nose before I vote, and have decided not to support Teisi, or even vote for him. I am writing in Bill Hudak’s name, if it’s not already on the ballot. This could send a message to the Republican party. If you don’t support conservative candidates,we won’t support you. Remember: Teisi = the originator of the Bath Room Bill,and he was the only Republican to vote AGAINST, rolling back the state sales tax. He is not a conservative fiscally or socially. I personally feel he may have contributed to Charlie’s lost, after the Republican Party threw EVERY PENNY at them, last election. When will they learn?

  2. Jim Buba

    There can be only one. No need for a sidekick when you have Obama.