If Eric Comes Knocking On Your Door…

Posted August 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Are You Ready?  Are You ARMED?  Is your wife or daughter home ALONE?

Eric Judkins was serving the extra 27 months he got for assaulting a fellow federal prisoner – during his 17½ year sentence for a 1999 bank robbery.  He’s just escaped from a Manchester, NH half-way house. That’s right – he’s on the LOOSE!

UPDATE:   Friday 1 Sept   RECAPTURED!

LOOK at HOW FAR he got!!!

So, if you live within…say 100 miles of Manchester,...are you ready to deal with Eric if he comes knocking on your door late one night,…asking for your credit cards and your car keys?

Think he’s just going to wave good-bye and drive off,  – leaving you unharmed to deal with your insurance company…?

If you are a Conservative, – you already own a gun,  and your family has a plan.

If you’re a Liberal,  – and you HATE guns,  – how long do you think you’ll live from that first knock on the door?

What is the average 9-1-1 response time in your town?

OK, assume the very BEST case,  – he just rapes your women and leaves you all tied up…

How long before somebody comes looking for you…?

You need to decide your fate – your family’s fate – today!

Are you willing to die slowly – tied up in your basement,  – with a smug smile that you were ‘the better person’ – because you chose NOT to own a gun – which might have saved your life?

RECAPTURED in Howard, Pennsylvania!

LOOK at HOW FAR he got!!!

8 Responses to “If Eric Comes Knocking On Your Door…”

  1. Kojack

    Anyone all inked up(especially on the neck and face) and/or with snot-rings/posts, hoops in their ear-lobes and other INFERENCES OF INFERIOR PRIMITIVE CULTURES MIGHT AS WELL BE WEARING A SANDWICH SIGN ANNOUNCING THAT THEY ARE FUBAR AND YOU SHOULD KEEP AWAY FOR YOUR OWN WELL-FARE AND PEACE OF MIND.


  2. Hawk1776

    What is his disguise? A newspaper? Billboard? Zebra? With any luck someone will shoot him.

  3. Mt Woman

    Probably the down side to getting all-over prison tats, you can’t blend if you ever escape. Hopefully, this creep will be apprehended soon if for no other reason than STUPIDITY! The only place he could go to not stand out is an anti-FA rally where he would wear a black bandanna around his face.

  4. Adam R.

    While some people here want to freak out over the fact that he has tattoos, maybe they should be more concerned with what is actually written on his face. The 1488 on his chin should be a clue as to what sick crap he is into.


    TY Adam. Good catch / good comment!

  5. Hawk1776

    What’s the symbol for stupid?

  6. KDK

    Hawk you’re suppose to look it up not call him stupid.
    While you’re there look up boot boy which is written on his upper lip

  7. KDK

    My apologies, I read your comment incorrectly. I guess KDK is the symbol for stupid today

  8. Hawk1776

    After reading an email from Mike and the postings from KDH it seems my comment about “symbol for stupid” was unclear. It was directed towards Eric Judkins, not towards Adam R. Although this seemed clear to me it apparently was not. In the future I will attempt to be more precise when posting.