I Met Carol Claros – A Natural Republican!

Posted June 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…from an unlikely town – Worcester!

Claros 1I wasn’t expecting polish and finesse, and I didn’t find it.

I found something much better, and much more reassuring – an instinctively conservative Republican.

ANY of you who’ve met me know I can be scathing.  I gave Carol Claros my standard tough grilling.  Her answers were on target, – not practiced, but delivered in her own words, – and everything this old soldier could have hoped to hear.

No, she doesn’t know “all about Mass politics”, – she doesn’t need to.

She knows we’re in deep financial trouble.  She knows enough to vote against bad bills, – and at this point in our history – that’s precisely what we need most!

As a working nurse, she knows we need to stop the bleeding!

Carol is running for the 16th Worcester house seat vacated by internet pervert John Fresolo

No matter if you consider yourself independent, TEA Party, Un-Enrolled, Libertarian, Conservative, old-time Democrat, or mainstream Republican; – if you want an honest Repwork for Carol…

Help her any way you can….  The voters of Worcester are all drunk on the Progressive Kool-Aid, – but even they should be disgusted by what Fresolo was doing.  They should be ready for an honest Representative on Beacon Hill.  Carol will need poll watchers,  – Worcester isn’t exactly known for clean elections.

7 Responses to “I Met Carol Claros – A Natural Republican!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    In one posting, you do MORE to support candidates than anything that useless “vote-for-me” Kirsten Hughes does all year long. Keep fighting the great fight!


    p.s. Yeah, I know, I’m sure my comments will piss off a lot of the ‘sometimes MassGOP chair’s’ dwindling supporters, but hey, truth hurts.


    Gee Lonnie, are you referring to our part-time MassGOP Mousketeer Chair?

  2. Harry Huckum

    Great write up Mike. You are spot on.

    We will be working hard for Carol and God willing, she will be elected.

  3. haddanuff

    If she passes your scrutiny with rave reviews, she must be the right stuff. I will donate since I can’t vote for her and hope everyone jumps in to help her. Any way she can get the support across the state like they mustered for Leah Cole?


    TY! I think at least state-wide volunteers will muster for her. Not sure about the ‘Official MassGOP’ – based in Kirsten Hughes’ preoccupation with her own race in Quincy…as witnessed by her untimely email yesterday.

  4. Walter Knight

    I assume Carol Claros passed your anti-abortion litmus test that is your most important issue, and defines any candidate you would support?

  5. Walter Knight

    I also assume Carol Claros is a worthy candidate.

  6. Ben

    I wish I could have made it to the event. However, I’m glad to read this report. She sounds like the real deal and I think we should do all we can to help her.

  7. Joe Notaro

    Thank’s for doing the “hard work” Mike and cutting through the bullshit we read in the lamestream media. I like the “standard tough grilling” method you use to get to the true ideology and red meat. I’m not in Carol’s district but will be sending her a monetary “gift” as well as some help.


    TY! Maybe you can help her go door-knocking, – maybe hold a sign, – maybe be a poll watcher.