I Guess Detroit Didn’t Hear HIM?

Posted July 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Oct 13th 2012–  Obama boasts he saved Detroit
July 18th 2013 –  OopsDetroit files Chapter 9 Bankruptcy!

Detroit – the city that made the planes, trucks and tanks that beat Hitler and the Japs – died a long slow painful death under 60+ years of Democratic governance.

Now they’re not even sure how much debt they have [somewhere between $14 – $20 Billion – ouch!] – and they’ve lost over 25% of their population since 2000.

Are YOUR city and State leaders spending more than they have? Are they making laws which drive manufacturing and business out of town and overseas? Are they sucking up to unions – at the expense of taxpayers?  Is your city and state payroll bloated with do-nothing hires – all relatives of politicians?   Do you think ‘it can’t happen here’?

No ClueIs there ANY PART of this mess that can be ‘fixed’ by adding 12 million illegals to the workforce [or to the welfare rolls]?

Do you begin to suspect that Obama doesn’t have a CLUE how to run an economy,

  – but that he’s damned good at ruining one?







3 Responses to “I Guess Detroit Didn’t Hear HIM?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The problem is, Obama know exactly what he is doing. He just doesn’t care. He is so hooked on the Communist economic model, it will never occur to him that all the communist countries that stick with that model have failed. Even China opened up its markets a decade or two ago, and look where they are now. Passed us up in the dirt. Sad.

  2. Casey Chapman

    As far as it’s happening here goes, NYC is first in line, or perhaps it is in second place to LA. Stupid Californians.

  3. Hawk1776

    When Obama referred to “Detroit” I believe he meant the automotive industry, not the city.