I Got A Problem Bro…

Posted July 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…we need a waiver….from ObamaCare!
We Need a Waiver

Yeah Bro, I know this will look bad, – but it’s about to kill off our last businesses.

Ya’ see Barry, we Democrats spent 60 years driving big manufacturing and big business outta here.  We regulated their asses into tight corners and taxed their butts off…  Most went to Texas, the Carolinas, or to China and India. That’s why our unemployment rate sucks!

don't trust herNow the only business left is small business, – the family-owned ones….

And your ObamaCare is about to crush them. 

Ya’ gotta give us a waiver…. No, we can’t wait for Hillary, – and besides, – I don’t trust her!

4 Responses to “I Got A Problem Bro…”

  1. Tom

    We not only need a waiver from Obamacare nationally, but also a permanent waiver from Obama before he totally destroys the Republic.

  2. Sheryl

    Exactly Tom! Well in my “opinion” we can wait! We need him out! And Now!!!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Waiver from Obamacare. A thorough firing of all the czars in the WH, a dismantling of the IRS and the Dept of Education.

  4. Hawk1776

    Obamacare is the law. It was passed by Congress and validated by the Supreme Court. The White House cannot legally waive provisions of Obamacare. They passed the law and now they have to live with it. If you really want to get rid of Obamacare, force Congress to use it.