I Can ~ Almost ~ Pity Sanders Supporters

Posted June 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

For our young Harry Potter millennials – there is anger as Hillary’s inevitability begins to sink in ahead of next Tuesday.
Bernie just another Hogwarts Wizard
Raised on belief in Dumbledore,  and lacking any historical context to measure and judge either Hillary or Bernie,  – they’d come to believe that Bernie could actually wipe out their college debt  – and get them into a new Prius….

But “Flick and swish” hasn’t changed the hard math of Super Delegates.  Each expects – has been guaranteed – a reward of position and/or access to the First Woman President – in her Oval Office.

Hillary and George Soros have had 8 long years to set the stage and avoid the embarrassment of 2008 – when Obama blew her away….then gave her SecState as a consolation prize.

Actually,  he was just holding his enemy closer….

Sanders is a Socialist dreamer – with lofty visions of egalitarian fairness running through his brain. He also seems to harbor a seething hatred for both rich and successful people – given his lackluster career and his two ugly wives…

So he is unable to understand the very system he wanted to crack and take over.  He doesn’t believe in trading jobs for votes…. 

He’s playing by his own rules,  and losing to Hillary’s machine.

And Hillary’s brain-dead sexist followers expect her to run – even if she’s indicted,  – because “it’s time for a Woman”.   This includes older Black women – who lived to see one dream and now want the other….

Hillary's Black supporters

But younger Blacks don’t gravitate toward Hillary.  She has none of her husband’s former charm,  – and for the past 7½ years they’ve waited in vain for their ‘dream candidate’ to make their lives any better.

That certainly hasn’t happened!   Black unemployment when UP with 2009, – stayed up,…and young Black men continue to gun each other down in their endless inner-city turf wars,…while their teenage sisters dispose of hundreds of thousands of unwanted Black babies each year at Planned Parenthood.

Some young Blacks are beginning to understand the essential truth behind Trump’s message,…if you want to get ahead,…it will take hard work, – and that means JOBS.



Several things ~ might ~ save Bernie’s campaign…

If he wins California next Tuesday,  some of Hillary’s pledged super-delegates might shake themselves loose….and pledge to him…

   –  The FBI ~ might ~ indict Hillary….

   –  Several big labor unions could switch from Hillary to Bernie….

   –  She could have a medical emergency…..


The Soro-funded Black Lives Matter will be as disruptive as possible.

BLM Banner

On the surface they want major changes in US Law Enforcement,   i.e. they want laws enforced differently for Blacks,  and most street crime ignored.

They still consider Trayvon Martin,  Michael Brown,  Eric Garner,  and Freddie Grey as “victims” and martyrs to racist police tactics…..

They conveniently ignore [as Obama also ignores] the rising slaughter of young Blacks murdered by other young Blacks in Chicago – and every other Democrat-run inner-city jungle.

The choice of Philadelphia – already a racial powder keg,  – will likely prove to be Wasserman-Shultz’s final undoing.  And the violence going on outside the Wells Fargo Center will drown out any real political message from any of the speakers.

Wells Fargo Center

It will also highlight all the failures of the Obama presidency

…7½ years of failing to deliver on either HOPE or CHANGE

Be sure that every left-wing rant will be replayed as Republican campaign ads during September and October. We’re about to relive the worst of 1968…

…because while LBJ was corrupt and inept,….Obama is corrupt,…inept,…and EVIL!

LBJ vs Obama

Do you think anybody will take the stage in Philadelphia and call for an honest investigation of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the Clinton World Initiative [slush fund], or her private email server…?

2 Responses to “I Can ~ Almost ~ Pity Sanders Supporters”

  1. Panther 6

    Yes and we have him around for another 7 months. This is ugly.

  2. Mt Woman

    There’s no end to the arrogance and deceit of Obama and this administration.