I’m Voting For Jon Golnik

Posted October 27th, 2010 by Iron Mike

I’m voting for Jon Golnik.” Wow, never thought I’d say that. You all know I campaigned for Sam Meas. That was a heartbreaker. But now Election Day 2010 is just 5 days– just 130 hours away. Time to get real.

Niki Tsongas is probably the most arrogant and elitist person I’ve ever met. You’d think she was royalty. A lifetime anti-war and anti-military world socialist, she campaigns now pretending to admire the veterans she once castigated as soldiers in Vietnam.  Upon her election in 2007 she resurrected her college days and called for “a safe passage home” for our troops. She was again giving aid and comfort to our enemies in time of war.

Don’t let her stories about her daddy in the Air Force and her quest for lightweight body armor fool you. She would sell out the people of Iraq and Afghanistan – including the women of both countries – to the Islamic thugs in a heartbeat – just as she was willing to abandon our allies in South Vietnam. Watch her give you a dismissive hand wave when you ask her about the Boat People and the Cambodians in the Killing Fields. She doesn’t care!

She’s lived a life of privilege and entitlement, and she knows she’s smarter and wiser than you. It shows. Trouble is – she’s really much dumber than you are. Worse, although she knows how the world “should be, – she’s never made a living out here in the private sector. She doesn’t have a clue. That shows too.

Watching her behavior, her airs of arrogance and “you don’t understand,  we know best answers to simple questions it is clearer than ever that we are dealing with the stereotype of the ‘ruling class mentality’.  She wears it so thick it seems to drip off her.  She is still defiantly proud of her votes on bailouts, the Stimulus, ObamaCare, Cap&Trade, and the Wall Street “Reform” bill. She can’t bring herself to talk about sending illegals home. She wants to give them amnesty.  Border security? She talks ethereally about ‘high-tech solutions’, not about sealing the border with a fence. Terrorists?  Try them in NYC!

She doesn’t want to hear arguments – she simply ‘knows better’.  So we must vote her OUT!

If she is returned, even by a 1-vote win, she will feel vindicated and mandated to continue. It would mean our ruin.

About Jon Golnik: over the course of the campaign I’ve watched Jon Golnik get stronger and better.

He won the last two debates hands down, drawing cheers even from Democrats, while Niki was soundly booed. His personal foibles will fade if he serves us well and faithfully. If he goes to Washington and stumbles, we’ll be talking about them for the next two years.

But NONE of Jon’s foibles rise to the arrogant treason of Niki’s deliberate votes on clearly unconstitutional bills, – bills she hadn’t even read when she voted “yes”.  Niki has repeatedly violated her sworn oath, and been utterly and totally dismissive about it.

With Jon we get a chance for a fresh start. We get someone who will be better on his worst day than Niki ever was on her best day. I am still stinging from some of the votes that Scott Brown has cast, but I honestly believe Jon will do OK,  or I wouldn’t be writing this.  And we know where Jon really lives.

And if Jon blows it, well we all know two great candidates to run against him in 2012.

I urge you all – in these last five days help Jon and every Republican.  Talk to everybody you can, mostly to the undecided and the unenrolled.

Remind them of the 10+% unemployment, the endless empty factories and empty storefronts, and the Democrats endless plans to raise even more taxes and pass even more regulations, and ‘serve’ even more ‘special groups’. These include the 13,000,000 illegals that Martha says “aren’t illegal” and Niki is itching to give citizenship and voter status to.

Whatever seats we manage to take back this year – do not let your “Republican” leaders brag or chortle about it.  Not for a minute!  If anybody sees Party Chair Barbie or Mitt, – tell them it’s NOT about them this year. They’ve actually been a big part of the problem. Tell them that Obama awakened a sleeping giant – and it sure wasn’t the MassGOP.  It was the People!

And if you see Bill Weld – tell him to go AWAY and STAY AWAY. He’s been excommunicated! Tell him to go see if his new BFF Obama will finally make him Ambassador to Mexico after all these years.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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