Hysterical Black Girl Starts Minneapolis Riot

Posted August 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It had started as an argument between the shooter and another couple. The Shooter killed the man,  – then fled to the mall where police found him.   As they closed in,  he ended his life.

In the next video – listen as a hysterical young Black woman starts the rumor that the victim (she didn’t know he was a murderer) had been killed by the police.   The result – another night of serious rioting.

Listen as a young woman’s hysterical ranting starts the rumor that the victim had been shot by police.

50+ years of steady racial / anti-police propaganda has taken hold.

This young woman illustrates perfectly that young Blacks will instantly put the worst and most racial interpretation on any event – and damn the consequences….

One Response to “Hysterical Black Girl Starts Minneapolis Riot”

  1. panther 6

    For years I have argued that black leaders should be standing up telling young lads and lasses from the hood, ONE; don’t do crime and if you do expect to be punished. TWO; if arrested do not resist or fight or reach for a weapon or argue with the police that can get you killed like quickly. Do what they tell you. If it is a bad arrest when you walk out the courtroom there will be lots of attorneys waiting to sue the City, County. State, police or sheriff on your behalf. You could end up quite wealthy.