Hypothetical Question For Über-Liberals…

Posted June 9th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A “What if” question for Liberals….

Suppose your local Police Department is disbanded…?

Guess where underfunded and disbanded police will go to make a living?

Private security companies will start up – employing the very cops you said you didn’t want;  – and they’ll protect the big merchants and businesses who can afford to PAY THEM.

They will feel justifiably alienated from the general population that either voted for the defunding, – or more likely didn’t even show up to vote.

So when you car gets stolen,  or your home gets tagged with graffiti,   WHO will you call?

When your kid comes home from school and says he’s being forced to join a gang – will you even know what MS-13 is?  Who will you complaint to,  – the principal who is living in fear of her life…?

When AntiFA and BLM show up and tell you to leave your home,  – because you only have it as a result of exploiting Black People for hundreds of years,…WHO do you call?

HISTORICAL NOTE: This is how “Land Reform” worked in the USSR,  in Red China,  and across much of Africa and South America.   Goons with guns showed up and either displaced landowners,  – or killed them in place.

In the Ukraine and in China – tens of millions starved to death.   The new rulers called it “Justice”.

Would you try to bargain with them – offer to pay THEM half your mortgage payment, – to keep your home.  The price ~ might ~ go up the following year.

We establish Governments as a necessary evil to give us collective protection from BOTH foreign and domestic enemies.   By necessity Government must be able to use limited force at times to stop the bad guys.

Without Government,  – the Bad Guys will run your neighborhood,  – your town,  – your state,  and eventually our country.   Do you really want to give them the green light?

MAYBE,…on second thought – – you’d like the Justice System take care of those few bad cops…?

MAYBE,…you’d like to become a cop…?

3 Responses to “Hypothetical Question For Über-Liberals…”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Same thing is happening right now in South Africa. Roaming gangs are killing white farmers and taking their farms – which the gangs, of course, don’t know how to run. Genocide and incipient famine rolled into one convenient package! Sounds great – not.

    In looney-left Massachusetts, I don’t even see much chance for the revitalization of the local militia.

    AND, in other news, Gateway Pundit is reporting that all donations (through various online groups) to support blm etc are going directly to the DNC. Can YOU say “money laundering”? Sure you can. This is all a SET UP – instigated and agitated. The disgusting murder of Mr Floyd was the excuse; the BLM folks protesting police violence are the “living shields,” whose function is to protect the REAL instigators from harm. And serve as further impetus for money collection when they get hurt.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    “Who ya gonna call”?

    I’m calling Colt and Smith & Wesson…..

    Ammo up, Folks.

  3. Marc

    Before police departments were formed this country employed vigilante justice. I wonder how the “woke” crowd is going to like it if they are successful, and the police go away, and then by necessity we have to go back to lynching criminals?