Hypocrites: From Elián González To DACA

Posted September 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

My what change these past 17 years have brought!   The hype and the hypocrisy coming from Democrats is hysterical!

Remember when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno sent in men with submachine guns at midnight to snatch a Cuban ‘Dreamer’ – and sent him back to Castro…?

Now 17 years later Democrats aren’t cheering deportations. 

They want 800,000 illegal Mexicans to STAY;  knowing that it means 800,000 young Black inner-city American Citizens will never find their first job?   Racism much?

And the über-privileged of Harvard decide their socialist duty is to block a main road during the evening rush hour.

And have their friends get pictures of their arrests – so they’ll have the street-creds for life.

It seems the only worthy human quality that is not required for admission to Harvard these days is a little humility.

A better – wiser – school would want students with just enough self-doubt that they would take the time to THINK an issue through – to examine all sides – before blocking a street.

If the “800,000 Dreamers” are allowed to stay….

what do the 800,000 displaced young Black kids – who are US Citizens – do with their lives?

You KNOW what the Democrats want;  – they want those Black kids kept in their inner-city Voter Plantations, (as teenage mothers make new welfare recipients)  – while they ALSO enroll the 800,000 Mexican ‘Dreamers’ as NEW DEMOCRATS!

Can you SMELL the Democrat Party Racism?

5 Responses to “Hypocrites: From Elián González To DACA”

  1. Varvara

    Yes, they want to enroll more people for the democrat vote. Just as the churches want to fill the pews. Poor, uneducated people will feel grateful for the help they are receiving. Will they go to school, higher education, and learn what tricks have been played on them?

  2. Vic

    Elian Gonsales was fleeing the liberals dream workers paradise. I for one would love to see the Micheal Moores and Jane Fondas up here willingly re-locate to Cuba permanently.

  3. Kojack

    Mike, haven’t you learned? Republicans flip-flop, democraps “evolve”…..yeah right.

    According to Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies, U.S. gov’t census data suggests that 73% of the 800,000 “dreamers” are receiving some form of welfare, about 24 have served in the military, 2500-3000 are going to school and 10-12000 were gang members or convicted of violent crimes.

    These are the “model” citizen’s that the democraps crow about.

  4. Kojack

    Forgot one – an estimated 375,000 “dreamers” are illegally registered to vote in federal elections just in the state of California!


    And THERE Sir – you have the crux of the matter! The Dems can’t win without cheating!

  5. William Clark

    Kojak brings up a point, let’s say republicans stand on removing DACA in 6 months. It becomes a simple math problem, Jose came to the US undocumented, however Jose’s 3 siblings were born here and can vote in the 2018 or future elections. Let’s say there are 800k DACA youth or young adults. Possibly 4 to 6 million new voters across the country who may feel marginalized by a party that eliminates DACA. Now, how many representatives won their states by less than a few thousand votes, how many will want their name on a anti DACA bill.


    Always trying to use math to make your liberal points Willie?

    Remember last year when you kept saying “270”? How’d 270 work out for you?

    You want illegals and their babies here because it’s the ONLY way Democraps will ever win an election where Voter’s ID is required. Try thinking and acting like an American patriot for a change.