Hypocrite Hillary: ‘The Victim’ Rides Again!

Posted December 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

In the 90’s it was that “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”….

Thursday she was claiming “Victim Status”…which seems a far cry from being Commander-in-Chief…..

Which is it Hillary?

Are you that woman strong enough,  – brave enough,  – and wise enough to have been entrusted with the Nuclear Trigger and World Peace….

.or are you just a pathetic old liar….still making excuses and blaming others because the American People finally wised up to your life of crime and lies…?

Which is it…?

America,  if you got tired of 8 years of an American pResident always point the finger of BLAME at other people (after campaigning as the ‘Great Uniter‘)….

…do you realize how big a bullet we have just dodged?

A couple of questions Hillary….

As you look back,….would it have been better to have told the American People the TRUTH about what was happening in Benghazi before,  during,  and after the attack…?

Was blaming that ‘vile internet video’ a good idea…?

Was Susan Rice the best choice to be UN Ambassador,  – or was she picked because she is a Black female – married to a Canadian…?

Would keeping 15,000 troops in Iraq have been a much better idea…?

That posse of sycophants you had,  Mills,  Abedin,  Podesta,  Nides,  Blumenthal,  Williams,….how well did they serve you…?

And finally,….how big a threat was Vince Foster,…really?

6 Responses to “Hypocrite Hillary: ‘The Victim’ Rides Again!”

  1. Ron Motta

    Hillary continues to show her truest color: YELLOW!!! Why? Because it takes courage to stand up & admit mistakes. She qualifies as the world’s oldest “millennial”, as their credo is to NEVER accept responsibility for any wrong doing. Just imagine if this Obama-Lite had succeeded a month ago to this date???? 10 days to go to finally drown her candidacy!!

  2. integrity 1st

    I don’t want to see her take responsibility for any of her wrong doings. I want to see her charged and prosecuted for them all.

  3. Raymond Smithson

    Without Trump, this country would have been commie in the coming yrs. if it hasn’t already, look at the schools, with their left leaning programs, America, needs to look around instead of sticking your head in the sand. Seeing all these bitches crying and sobbing cause she lost the election, up yours.

  4. Integrity1st

    Plenty of men crying and whining too… When we got Obama we were devastated but didn’t rally and protest, we will simply celebrate when he is gone. One month away – woot woot!

  5. Hawk1776

    These are the words of a whining, sniveling loser. Her failure to address her supporters on election night was a clear sign she is unqualified to be President. The signs continue. To cite an old saying, “excuses are like as******, everyone has one”. Goodnight Hillary, and goodbye.

  6. Mt Woman

    WHAH–WHAH–The Russians didn’t want me to win–WHAH–WHAH!! A Hillary administration certainly would have been exactly like our last 8 years under Obama–just blame-blame-blame someone else and when that doesn’t work, try “Bill’s trick” – LIE!