Hypocrite Festival In Greenport NY

Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Here’s an IDEA:  Let’s go out to remote,  exclusive,  tony,  ultra-expensive Greenport,  and hold an anti-Trump pro-Immigrant rally,  – and pretend we don’t know about the victims of violent illegals – like MS-13!

After all,  Greenport is a full 53 miles removed from Central Islip,  – where MS-13 has hacked at least 7 kids (discovered so far) apart.   Not OUR problem.

We can enjoy the sunshine,  the sea breeze,  listen to the seagulls squawk and the rattle of the sailing yachts rigging… 

How perfectly idyllic!

A night’s lodging during the season in Greenport (if you can book a room) will cost you between $300 – $1400 per night.  Chicken feed for rich NYC liberals who throw that much down for a single meal back in Manhattan.  Guess who’s washing the dishes…?

The North Fork is idyllic in many ways.  The potato fields gave way decades ago to vegetable farms,  nurseries,  and vineyards.  The rich can afford some pretty spiffy country mansions.  Guess who is working those farms,  nurseries,  vineyards,  and manicuring the grounds of those spiffy homes?

Drive out Route 48 and every 4th pickup truck is being driven by a Mexican,  and is hauling a lawn care trailer.  They drive VERY carefully;  – they don’t want to be stopped by the police!

Greenport Trustee Doug Roberts spoke:

“…and most importantly,  we must remember that families belong together.”

Right Doug,  American Families DO belong together.  So go tell that to Jim Steinle and Liz Sullivan – the parents of Kate Steinle – MURDERED on a San Francisco pier by often-deported Mexican illegal Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

And Mexican families belong in Mexico,  – where they are free to chose between fixing their government’s 100-year history of systemic corruption,  – or apply to come here – LEGALLY.

The sheer hypocrisy of Democrats – who will physically fight you in the streets for “the RIGHT of a woman to KILL her unborn child”….

.and yet unabashedly use this phony issue of kids brought here illegally by their criminal parents….

…as a wedge to weaken and destroy the Trump Presidency…

…even as they send their OWN kids and grand-kids into undefended public schools where they are indoctrinated by union school teachers…

…demonstrates clearly they have ZERO interest in any kids theirs,  yours,  or the Mexican kids….

And certainly not the unborn kids….

Hypocrite:  A word invented thousands of years ago by visionary Greeks to describe the modern American Democrat voter.

2 Responses to “Hypocrite Festival In Greenport NY”

  1. Sherox

    Karma says they should be the receivers of MS-13 immigrants and Syrian refugees in their community for resettlement.

  2. Fran

    What a load of bull. Who are you to smear our beautiful town. GFY.


    Oh come on Fran, explain yourself. EXACTLY what part of what I wrote is ‘bull’. Use your words….and some FACTS.