Hunter Biden’s Desperate PR Campaign

Posted April 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Village Idiot’s drug-addicted son has a sob story he’s desperately trying to sell,  – to avoid Federal charges, – or at least to inoculate some future juror.

The Media’s dilemma is deciding whether to help Hunter – or help themselves.

The American left-wing media has spent DECADES covering for “Crazy Uncle Joe” – aka our National Village Idiot.   Years before the dementia began to be obvious,  – they were laughing off the utterly stupid things he said and did.

Son Hunter is Biden’s Achilles Heal.

Both China Joe and his crooked son Hunter may have serious tax problems.  The rest of the extended Biden family have all had their share of corrupt dealings and tax problems….and the Media seldom covered it…..

Now the Biden Family Business (selling influence) may begin to unravel like a cheap Chinese-made sweater from Walmart.

When the Red Chinese want the USA to back down – anywhere they have ongoing interests,…they have lots of strings attached to Biden.

None of this is news to regular RRB Readers.  Democrats will call it “right-wing conspiracy theory”….

One Response to “Hunter Biden’s Desperate PR Campaign”

  1. Panther 6

    He will get no sympathy from me. He is crud, slime, a lecher, and a druggie to boot. If he were my son I would disown him. His track record further mars and impacts badly his father’s Presidency.

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