Hungry MassHole Wannabes Lining Up

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Somebody opened the zooand the snakes are slithering all over the media – trying to get their names mentioned as the ‘successor’ to the Tsongas Seat.

For 10 long years not a word from any of them about Niki’s disgraceful job performance;  – now they want that easy no-lifting government job – and the pension – for themselves.

We’re in for months of puke-worthy headlines and photo-ops – and probably some local appearances from known criminals like the Clintons,  the Obamas,  Pelosi, – and even short Deval and Bill Weld.

Folks,  if you listen to radio while you drive,  – you should tape a barf-bag to your dashboard now…

I’ll guarantee you that NOT ONE of these wannabes have read our Constitution,  – and they cannot tell you about Article I § 8, and while they may have ~ heard about ~ emoluments,  – they can’t explain it!

As they campaign around the District in the months to come,  – ask them about their positions on ObamaCare, North Korea, the UN, our 2nd Amendment, Common Core, Benghazi, ISIS, Guantanamo, illegal immigrants, and MS-13 and Barrio 18.

If they don’t have knowledgeable and cogent answers – you’ll know they’re just after a Congressional Pension and a lifetime Cadillac medical plan.

Finegold came in 4th to Tsongas in 2007 – never complained about her do-nothing job performance since. Why Barry?

Barbara L’Italien needed a photo-op – so she decided that high schools should no longer name their teams after American Indians….and appeared with our very own Cherokee Squaw.

Eileen Donoghue thinks that Taxachusetts isn’t broke enough – not yet deeply enough in debt,  – so she wanted to bring the Olympic games here – including to crime and gang-infested Lowell.   Heard of MS-13 Eileen?

My own loathsome State Senate vermin is JamieBoy Eldridge – the most dangerous and evil progressive in the state.  He hates guns, the private sector, – and straight people.  He LOVES TAXESjust voted himself a raise

Ask him about the $Million$ he gave Evergreen Solar!

Dan Koh is a rising Democrat – he now serves as Chief-of-Staff in Marty Walsh’s corrupt Boston administration. If sent to Washington, – he’ll know how to line his pockets!

Salvatore Lupoli is a self-made millionaire,  – which makes us wonder why he’s still a registered Democrat. But he seems to enjoy hanging with and photo-ops with the big-name movers and shakers… it just may be an ego thing if he runs. He can self-finance – so Democrats will love him.

Steve Kerrigan has been a behind-the-scenes guy in Democrat politics for a long time,  – until 2014,  when he ran for LtGov with Martha Coakley,  – and brought his ‘partner’ Dan Jacobs on the convention stage for a kiss.

Are you feeling creeped out about now?

UPDATE:   Monday 13 Nov 2017   John Rufus Gifford – (former Kerry & Obama toady / former ambassador to Denmark) wants this no-show job.   Yeah he’s openly gay – married Stephen DeVincent in 20175 – in Denmark.

4 Responses to “Hungry MassHole Wannabes Lining Up”

  1. Jim Gettens

    You left out a DeLeo Toad–Dem Rep. Harold Naughton, Jr. of Clinton.


    You mean “War Hero but anti-Gun Naughton”?

    Harold Naughton anti-gun pussy

  2. integrity 1st

    This is definitely a frightening, self serving only bunch, but as far as dems go, wouldn’t Sal’s Pizza be the best bet?


    After all these years, haven’t you learned that there are no “good” or “acceptable” Dems left? They all march to the Soros drumbeat of Big Government takeover – of EVERYTHING!

  3. Jim Gettens

    Yes, THAT Naughton, the ‘soldier’ who never had a firearm in his home, who purports to be ‘Catholic’ but who is pro-abortion and pro-gay ‘marriage,’ and a Rep who never voted against ANY new tax or tax increase proposed by the series of House Speaker criminals whose toady he has been for 20 years (three former Speakers are now federal convicts and DeLeo, current occupant, is a federal “unindicted co-conspirator.”

    Have NEVER, EVER heard Naughton–ASS-KISSER SUPREME–condemn ANY of those Speakers for their criminal acts.

    Here is ‘war hero’ Naughton interviewed in 2013 about his ‘firearms legislation Massachusetts listening tour (yeah, he was only listening to DeLeo)’–


    He has to choose his fate: If he runs he might lose – both seats. If he stays in the Mass House – and Maura wins the corner office – he knows she’ll appoint him as a judge – another no-lifting paycheck – with a shorter commute.

  4. Migliorini John

    What a pos, how do these people sleep