Humorless AOC Gets Easily Triggered

Posted August 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The poor girl is SO insecure that a photo taken 1,000 miles away from where she works sent her flying to Twitter….

Imagine a Member of Congress from The Big City – with a Degree in Economics (?) from Boston University – reacting to some high school kids?  THIS is her biggest worry?

What a fragile delicate child she really is…..


Remember when she published photos of herself “CRYING” at a Border Patrol camp?

Turns out she was looking at an EMPTY PARKING LOT….

AND,…WHERE was her outrage when her cowardly supporters were phoning DEATH THREATS to Mini-AOC…?

Can any RRB Readers recall a statement from AOC condemning her supporters who made those DEATH THREAT PHONE CALLS

One Response to “Humorless AOC Gets Easily Triggered”

  1. panther 6

    AOC is a disgusting idiot who somehow got elected ( also graduated from Boston Univ – somehow ); incumbent arrogance played a big part. But with her bartender background she knew how to hustle and knock on doors – it worked. Now she is competing with several other demorats for title of dumbest person in Congress. She has a couple of other strong contenders for that title.