HuffPost Invents Shameless New Lies

Posted April 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

With mere 201 days until the election,  and despite not knowing who the DemoCrap candidate will be,  – the Left’s utter desperation to use the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic to unseat or even scuttle Trump has reached new depths….

HuffPost and Dominique Mosbergen reached new lows this morning…

In telling their twisted lie,  the HUFFPOST forgot to tell Americans about how the Red Chinese covered up the extend of DEATH the Wuhan Coronavirus was taking in their epicenter city….

.or that they lied to the WHO (their wholly-owned World Health Organization) about the true nature of the virus….

And they seem to have forgotten how the DemoCraps in Washington DC were busy impeaching our President….

Now these shrill voices are attempting to claim Trump is inept,  – but somehow simultaneously so evil that he’s planning to profit from the Pandemic.

And how while in the throes of the Pandemic, – no DemoCrap has yet to lift a finger to help, – only to complain that “…the Federal Government isn’t doing enough,…fast enough…all Trump’s fault”.

Folks,  while we and the World fight this Pandemic,  – there is another battle raging – for power and control in the USA.

If the DemoCRAPS win,  – you can expect to live forever under some form of national lockdown, – with a series of fake elections (mail-in ballots for your safety) and absolute control of both the Media,  the Internet,  and gun stores. 

The Left has two key factors going for them:  their total willingness to tell outright LIES,…

…and badly miseducated Americans totally willing to believe them. 

If anybody is going to tell the TRUTH in America over these next 210 days – it has to be YOU!

3 Responses to “HuffPost Invents Shameless New Lies”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    And in the meantime, the estimates of total US death counts by the time it ends keeps dropping. Two million to two hundred thousand to twenty thousand and counting (down).

  2. Kojack

    Arianna Huff-N-Puff ALMOST makes me embarrassed about my Greek ancestry. What a POS!!!

  3. Walter Knight

    On January 31st President Trump suspended flights from China. Democrat liberals called him racist for doing it.