How’s The Change Working For You?

Posted December 3rd, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Liberals!  Once upon a time – you wanted CHANGE!

Are THESE the “changes” you voted for 13 months ago?

Bowing Bowing Bowing

Bowing to China - - - Bowing to Japan - - - - - Bowing to Saudi Arabia


How about our economy?  Remember how Obama was going to ” . . .spread the WEALTH around”?  How’s he doing in your state?    

This is a STIMULUS?

10.4% unemployment is a STIMULUS?

 Liberals, we have to ask you a few questions:

  –  Obama campaigned on Afghanistan being the war we should fight.  Why did it take him over three (3) months to come up with a half-measure,  and then sell his plan so indifferently?  Did he define Victory?

 –  If “Health Care Reform” is so urgent,  why do just 35% of the voters [mostly the undereducated] – think it’s a good deal for America?   Why did it take a $300,000,000.oo bribe – for Senator Mary Landrieu to vote for it?

 –  were you aware that the CBO said ObamaCare would cost 2.5 Trillion over ten years, and still raise everybody’s health care costs?   Why is there no Tort Reform? 

 –  If Democrat members of Congress are being honest, why won’t they read the bills?  Why won’t they make ObamaCare apply to them?

 –  Why is Tim Geithner’s US Treasury printing money so fast?

 –  Where in our US Constitution are the provisions for TARPs, Bailouts,  government ownership of businesses,  national health care,  or Czars?

 –  Are you still thrilled because we finally have “our first Black president”,  or are you beginning to realize that Obama’s color, race, and birthplace are all secondary or even insignificant compared to his politics, his loyalties, his instincts,  and his abilities?   Do you suspect that he is a narcissist?

Have you begun to wonder ~ a little ~ if those stories about George Soros have any validity?  Have you begun to buy gold yet?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier – Still Good for Parts!

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