How Will They Insult Us Tonight?

Posted March 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

6 Responses to “How Will They Insult Us Tonight?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Ya know….I don’t remember when I last watched an Oscar presentation. Maybe it was way back when John Wayne received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar…. And I haven’t watched late night TV shows in ages, either. Back in the Johnny Carson era, probably, and maybe into the Leno era….

    I just don’t give a fat rat’s ass what any overly-paid, self-indulgent celebrity has to say about anything. I find no value in pronouncements from people whose adult lives have been cast and lived in fantasy. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone with half a brain cares to hear what a bunch of selfish, immoral, climate change, pro-choice twits have to say about anything. Would anyone seek an illness diagnosis from a TV doctor? Then why would anyone want to listen to a TV doctor make political diagnoses or anti-gun demands? Or a TV comedian try to tell anyone what’s moral or how to conduct one’s life….

    Since the Sandy Hook shooting (by another mentally deranged snowflake.. ), approximately 400 students have died from gun violence in gun-free schools, and man-made climate change data has been shown to be manipulated and unreliable. Same period, approximately 4,667,000 babies have been yanked from mother’s wombs….

    If we’re not careful, Khrushchev may well be validated, and we may well destroy ourselves from within….

  2. FLICK

    IronMike-where is our ‘LIKE’ button to second GreenBeret’s comment? So well stated.

  3. Catherine

    I have absolutely NO interest in any of the movies Hollyweird makes these days. I could not care less about these self-serving awards. They want to gather and do a verbal circle-jerk? Fine with me. Televise it – WHY on earth waste the airwaves? It’s hard for me to believe people will actually waste a piece of their life watching such drivel.

  4. Kojack

    I whole-heartedly 2nd FLICK’s motion. OUTSTANDING post, GreenBeret.

  5. Mt Woman

    Can I say, “me too” with GB’s and others comments. Even the so called great movies stink.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Back to the Oscars….

    Lowest viewership on record and big name actors didn’t (couldn’t….) show up.

    I guess television viewers preferred to watch a rehash of Clinton’s impeachment trial….