How Will Democrats Scam Kilauea?

Posted May 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

In their never-ending quest for easy (stupid) votes,  I’ve been wondering how Democrats will try to turn the Kilauea eruptions into a political scam…

Since they can’t regulate the volcano, – and can’t tax it,….will they do as ancient leaders used to – and fling in a few virgins?

Hey, maybe Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea can start a Global Volcano Initiative

Almost every election cycle the Democrats have a new scheme – the Great Society,  Global Warming,  Open Borders,  Sanctuary Cities,  End the Electoral College,  EBT Cards,  Sensible Gun Laws,  Free Health Care,   College for Everybody,  Free College….

Don’t get sucked in by gift-wrapped bullshit.

Remember that human nature doesn’t change much,  and Mother Nature has the final word.

4 Responses to “How Will Democrats Scam Kilauea?”

  1. Nick Cooley

    Who remembers when CROOKED Hillary vowed to finish what ADOLF HITLER started??? #Draintheswamp #Lockherup

  2. jim morose

    Can some one calculate how many carbon credits the volcano owes Al Gore?

  3. Sonny's Mom

    I’ve watched some of the video coverage. The comments are unbelievable. Residents refuse to recognize the danger they’re in. “Fake news! It’s only an orange alert, red is just for aviation.” Guess what? volcanic ash and sulfur dioxide are equal opportunity killers. But for now, a lot of Hawaii residents seem content to just sit back and wait for the Democrat-controlled state government to run their lives. Or walk around videotaping 3000° F lava flows and uploading the videos on Youtube. And when faced with an actual emergency, they stick flowers into cracks in the asphalt… “offerings” to the demon goddess Pele. Sure, that’ll solve the problem. Hawaii is already making Detroit look good in comparison.

  4. Kojack

    “…..they stick flowers into cracks in the asphalt… “offerings” to the demon goddess Pele…..”

    No LESS INSANE than the lib-TURD religion of global warming, er, climate change.