How Will “War Hero” Kerry Vote?

Posted April 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Will Senator “Reporting for Duty” Kerry vote to STOP our troop’s pay?  Will he vote for the shutdown or vote to pay the troops?

Per his DC office – Lurch will be in Waltham Saturday afternoon – a great chance to ask him.  The Arthur J. Clark Govt Center Auditorium – 119 School Street – 1 PM.

CAUTION:  This weasel may have changed the date to SUNDAY!

Of course his office phones aren’t answering today.

Let’s see how he votes today – then ask him about it Saturday.  Did I mention he has three (3) Purple Hearts and is a gen-u-whine war hero?  Oh, I almost forgot – you can ask him about his boat too!

State Senator Susan Fargo will also be there – if she doesn’t ‘fall’ down again.  You can ask her about the urgency for making her childhood hero Rex Trailer our State Cowboy.  Massachusetts being the great cattle-raising state that we are . . .

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