How To TURN OFF Massachusetts Voters

Posted June 10th, 2021 by Iron Mike

You can claim to be a Republican – but actions speak far louder than words.

Massachusetts has a remarkable record of electing gay men and women to both the State Legislature and to Congress. Elaine Nobel,  JamieBoy Eldridge,  Stan Rosenberg,  Liz Malia,  Gerry Studds,  and Barney Frank come quickly to mind.   But in addition to being Gay and Democrat,   –  they could at least speak to a broad range of ISSUES.
Jeffrey seems totally focused on playing the VICTIM.

Massachusetts is like California when it comes to politics…

Mention “Gay” – and folks yawn.  There are a LOT of gays in the state.

Mention “Republican” and you’re likely to get sneers,  – since so many so-called “Republicans” have let us down.   Bill Weld,  Willard the Back Stabber,  Muffy,  Scott Brown,  Charlie Faker,  Gabe “Navy SEAL” Gomez,  Brian Herr….and the list goes on…

MassHole voters TRUST their Democrap to be corrupt…

.but they don’t trust so-called Republicans to actually be REAL Republicans…

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette claims to be running to unseat 24-year Congressman Jim McGovern – currently Chair of the House Rules Committee.

McGovern is a communist,  a long-time friend of the Castro brothers,  – who has stated in public that “our Constitution is Wrong…”.

There is plenty of ammunition for a genuine Republican to use in running against McGovern.

So at RRB we wonder why Sossa-Paquette’s sole focus seems to be on himself – and his gayness, and not on ISSUES…?

The only ISSUE he’s seized upon thus far – is an unfortunate private email by a Catholic State Committeewoman – Deb Martell,  – who like many Catholics is grossed out by gay people adopting non-relative straight kids – – ‘pet children’.

Instead of trying to get McGovern out of office,  Sossa-Paquette has gone into overdrive to get Deb Martell out of office.

PERHAPS…. Sossa-Paquette’s tactic of playing his GAY VICTIM CARD will garner his campaign a windfall of political donations from across America…?

But will it get him those 2,000 valid signatures he’ll need next year; – that he failed to get back in 2017?

Are you a Candidate for Congress…?

Or,…a butt-hurt VICTIM…?

Will McGovern cruise to yet another easy win?

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UPDATE:   Friday, 11 June 2021   Former MassGOP Chair Jennifer Nassour (aka Party Chair Barbie) authored a letter to the 80 State Committee Members,  – in which she castigated Deb Martell and everybody in the MassGOP who was reluctant to fling her into the volcano.

Co-signers were Barbie, Momma Kangas (openly lesbian) Torky, Crate, Muffy, Cresta (rebuked 2 years ago), and Inman.

They’re all demanding a human sacrifice and souvenir heads…

They’re pretty full of themselves,  and clearly want everybody marching to THEIR TUNE,  and to Hell with Free Speech.    Kind’a like Democrats….

6 Responses to “How To TURN OFF Massachusetts Voters”

  1. Jim Buba

    Here’s a thought; vote them all out

  2. Michael W Dane

    Debbi Martell is a solid Republican who I am proud to stand behind. She has never wavered as my State Committee Woman, the one’s against her now are the Democrats with a R after their name.

  3. GreenGeretLTC

    Up from Florida for the summer, and following an absence of a couple years, my wife and I commuter-railed to the cradle of the American Revolution and walked again on Freedom Trail and its environs.

    Being fully vaccinated and totally CDC compliant, we (I….) walked the streets proudly sporting my TRUMP 2020 mask. Well, not on the streets, but on public transportation and in government buildings and businesses where masks for all remain mandatory. Strangely, though, not even one glance or comment, whereas in Fort Myers, a day doesn’t pass without at least one “I love your mask” comment (To which I happily respond we and 75 million others….) and ZERO questions or comments.

    Now, I wasn’t looking for trouble. I mean, even Boston has some Conservatives. But in a petri dish of uber-liberalism, not even a look?


  4. sad4magop

    Can anyone believe how poorly written the thing was? The poor use of syntax and grammar? These people claim to be educated, the elites, the cream of the crop. Maybe they stopped the English Comp course at Prep School. But maybe If their goal was to make it incomprehensible, they certainly succeeded. Unlike anything else this sad group of incompetents ever did in their political life.MA GOP floundered under all of these dopes. Irrelevant losers, all.

  5. Kojack

    I have no problem with gays like Rick Grennel or Guy Benson, both admirable patriots. But this lib-TURD gives the gay community a bad name. Someone should kick him where he lives.

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    Jim Lyons is a good, hard working man who has accomplished good things for the Republican Party in MA. He is rightfully defending Ms. Martell’s right to free speech. Many Republicans are insisting that he demand her resignation or resign himself. This is about a private e-mail that Martell had written.

    How is it that Republicans will not stand up for one another?

    The Dems stand together in every instance, they often defend many corrupt criminals in their party. Right or wrong they stand together. Maybe we can learn a lesson from them.