How The Chinese Bought The Biden Family

Posted October 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

As far back as 2005 the Communists were targeting weak and corruptible Americans in high places.  In the Senator from Delaware they found their mole.
The Chinese were looking for weak-minded American politicians,  – the ones who didn’t understand History,  – but who would regurgitate buzzwords like “cooperation’ and ‘globalism’…

The Chinese leaders were looking for American politicians who were poor students,  – the ones who never noticed (or didn’t believe) the Red Revolution or the mass famine Mao’s dictates caused, – when he deliberately let 60,000,000 people starve to death.

Joe Biden had plagiarized a term paper in Law School.  He was the perfect unethical dunce…

The Bidens are hardly the ONLY historically vacuous and unethical Democrats. 

All you have to say to a Democrat is “Climate Change” and /or “Globalism” and they’ll swallow anything….

Look at how many are proudly SAVING THE PLANET by driving electric cars,  – with NO CLUE what is really powering them….

The Bidens are the kind of people who never stop to THINK that they MIGHT be selling us out….to a sworn enemy

They just keep saying “GLOBALISM” and “WORLD TRADE” – while they take the money….and tough shit about all those empty American factories….

Folks, there is a 46-page report you might want to read – or just scan through.


4 Responses to “How The Chinese Bought The Biden Family”

  1. panther 6

    Peter Schwietzers book about ALL this came out over 18 months ago. Lays it all out. The laptop is icing on the cake.

  2. Jim Buba


    Except it should read “…since 1973…”

    Blinky’s first trip there was in 1979

  3. Varvara


    Some of these photos remind me of the 30s. Remember Pearl S Buck? She wrote The Good Earth. In this book a mother mixes earth in the rice for her baby. This filled his belly and he would stop crying.

    A few years ago there was a prisoner who was eating her bowel of rice and cracked a tooth. She spit out the rice and tooth. She was surprised to discover little stones in the rice. Hence, broken tooth.

    Go back and look at the old photo of the people holding empty rice bowels.

  4. Jim Buba

    You will find this quotation from the attached document very interesting:

    On January 23, Biden said in a discussion hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, that “I’ve spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any world leader. I have 25 hours of private dinners with him, just he and I, and one interpreter.”

    Recognize this arrangement as the same described by Ross Terrill in 1973. The Chinese have been working very hard on this manner of approach. It is the clear indication, the one-on-one meetings, of direct influence won.

    Now then, with some certainties in place, China is pissing up a storm with Australia, essentially holding all of its ‘investments’ Down Under hostage to force legislative changes that favor further ‘protections’ for Chinese Investments. This sort of thing is ALWAYS a Tax-Free Status. China doesn’t believe in paying anybody anything.


    Unless it is just a Hot Round or ‘Incoming!’