How Stupid Are They?

Posted January 31st, 2012 by Iron Mike

How stupid are Obama’s supporters?

What’s in it for them?

What other US President has EVER so deeply divided our country – at least since the election of 1860?

Which other president has been called ‘a socialist’?

Which other president has been called ‘the food stamp president’?

Which other president has been called ‘anti-white’ and ‘anti-Israeli’?

Which other president is suspected of being a Muslim?

Which other president is suspected of being a non-citizen?

Which other president ever bowed to foreign rulers?

Which other president ever mocked our citizens for ‘clinging to religion and guns’?

Which other president has been called ‘anti-business’?

Which other president was so ‘one borderless world’ and so pro-illegal that he sued states – – for enforcing federal laws?

What other president used the ATF to smuggle arms to drug cartels – to start a drug warto use as an excuse for stopping gun sales?

Which other president announced American surrender terms a full two years in advance – EVEN as he sent troops into Harm’s Way?

Which other president paid off his political donors with BILLION$ of US $$ – under the guise of ‘green investments’ and ‘too big to fail’?

Which other president ever raised Black unemployment to 16.7%?

Which other president deliberately crippled our industrial growth and economic recovery in the middle of a recession by halting oil drilling and exploration – on our own lands and coastal shelves?

Which other president single-handedly doubled our national debt to $16.4 Trillion?

Which other president hired 37 Czars to by-pass the process of constitutional governance?

Which other president ever flaunted the lifestyle of a third-world king, – flying around the country giving endless class warfare-themed campaign speeches?

Which other president cancelled our space programs even as the Iranians are launching more satellites and the Chinese are planning lunar missions?

When since 1789 – in over 222 years – have Americans been stupid enough to even consider re-electing such a failed fraud?

And those folks you see with those Obama 2012 stickers – how stupid are they?  What do they expect to get out of a second Obama kingship?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

10 Responses to “How Stupid Are They?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What other President has spent millions to seal his college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard? What other President has placed a health care mandate on the citizens after lying continually about the content and cost? What other President has bailed out two auto companies by ignoring the bond and stock holders and rewarding the auto union? What other President has manipulated the legislative process by overlooking the separation of powers? Etcetra, etcetra, …

  2. Karen G

    What other president has pampered himself with multi-million dollar vacations while our citizens wallow in unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy? What other president has played countless rounds of golf while our troops risk their lives overseas? What other president has been so thin-skinned that he feels the need to establish a website where negative comments about him can be reported? What other president freely admits to using cocaine as if it’s a badge of coolness?

  3. TeaTime

    = “fundamentally transforming the Unites States of America”
    People are under some kind of mass hypnosis. Time to count to three and snap you fingers!

  4. Jersey_Boy

    FAUX FOX laughs at your Socialist claims, they spoon fed it to you and you swallowed hook, line sinker. Fox News Executive Bill Sammon didn’t believe it but knew the Red Kool-Aid drinkers would.
    – – – – – – – – – Hmmmm. . .

    Not sure I follow your logic here Jersey Boy.

    Are you saying that Fox tricked us into believing that Obama is a socialist?

    Are you saying that Obama is really just a red-blooded liberal American president who is being picked on by Fox?

    What would be Fox’s motive for that? WHY would they be trying to trick us? What’s in it for them?

    Do you think Obama is an honorable person?

  5. Jersey_Boy

    Why would FAUX FOX do this? I’ll have life long Conservative David Frum explain it to you.

    The Reps inherited a recession and left us the worst times since the great depression.

    Lets remember who brought us here.

    A more important question is,

    If the Republican monopoly of 2001 couldn’t turn a recession into prosperity after 8 years why would you expect Obama to turn around a near depression in 3?
    – – – – – – Hmmmm. . . .
    So,…you’re saying that…it’s really all Bush’s fault?

  6. Jersey_Boy

    Just like Fukushima

    Any discussion about the Fukushima disaster would be incomplete without the earthquake/Tsunami.
    – – – – – Hmmm . . . .

    And Bush caused the tsunami too..?

    So, you’re voting for Obama again,…why?

  7. Jersey_Boy

    If the Republican monopoly of 2001 couldn’t turn a recession into prosperity after 8 years why would you expect Obama to turn around a near depression in 3?

  8. Karen G

    Jersey Shore, it looks like you made it to page one of the Liberal Progressive handbook…Blame Bush and repeat yourself…Congrats!

  9. Jersey_Boy

    You can’t answer either PINO?

    The Mitch/Boehner “Do-nothing” doctrine is failing.

  10. Jersey_Boy

    Thanks President Obama for taming the GWB disaster