How Smart Are They In San Francisco?

Posted February 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

They built a 58-story building on SAND and BACKFILL… You can buy a condo there for $3.8 Million,…but the building has already sunk 16 inches since 2008

At the top, the building has already tipped 15 inches….

There are over 400 units, – with the Penthouse unit selling for $13,000,000 just months ago. The building is ~ reported ~ to have cost $350 Million….

So now it is sinking, crumbling, and tilting,….yet the City says it’s still safe to live there.

The last Republican mayor there departed office in January 1964 – 53 years ago.   California’s MoonBat Senator Diane Feinstein had the job for 10 years….

Do you trust Mayor Ed Lee – – with your life?

San Francisco has long prided itself on being everything that makes most Americans squeamish and uncomfortable…

It is probably the gayest city in the country – if not the world….

Mayor Lee has told his cops to ignore the hordes of homeless people living (and shitting openly) on the city streets…..

It’s the city where Kate Steinle was gunned down by an often-deported illegal alien,…and yet the Mayor insists San Francisco will never cooperate with Federal ICE officials.

In fact,…voices in San Francisco are calling for California to succeed from the United States…. Can’t imagine who’ll they’ll call upon for help when the massive San Andres Earthquake finally hits….?

So you buy a $3.5 Million condo in the Millennium Tower,….and you gamble….

.will the Tower survive the next BIG EARTHQUAKE….?

.and if it doesn’t,….will you survive…..?

What kind of insurance should you buy,….and who should you name as the beneficiary?

Must be wonderful to live in such a special city – surrounded on all sides by such gifted and enlightened Know-it-Alls….

How does the rest of our Country manage to get by…?

How much more will the Tower have to sink and tilt,  – before either the City or the State order that it be taken down….?   At what point will the insurance companies refuse to insure the building – and the people in it…?

UPDATE:  Sat 4 Nov 2017   STILL SINKING – maybe faster?   Down 17 inches now!  Now the building will be featured on the TV show 60 Minutes….

5 Responses to “How Smart Are They In San Francisco?”

  1. Vincent Picarello

    My daughter was in SF a year or two ago and could not believe the homeless and shit in the streets. She was afraid to walk the streets..

  2. Raymond Smithson

    Ah yes. the shit on the sidewalks , will never forget that was in china town filthy men all over the place , not my cup of tea

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    This might just be a huge financial opportunity for Mayor Lee.

    When Trump takes away the annual billion dollar Federal aid package to San Francisco because they ignore federal immigration law concerning illegals, not only can he market and tax more fortune cookies, but he can also sell and tax tickets to the Leaning Tower of San Francisco….

    Like the previous president said, “Elections have consequences”….

    I think I’ve said (typed….)this before: Take California’s vote total out of the November 8th election and Trump wins the popular vote by 3M….. Is California what we want the rest of America to look like?

  4. Hawk1776

    This is bad, but the more basic question is why anyone would build a 58 story building in San Francisco. Forget unstable ground; San Francisco is near two fault lines. The San Andreas fault runs through the city. The Haywood fault is east of San Francisco Bay. Half a dozen other faults are withing 20 miles. The city was leveled in 1906. It was hit hard again in 1989. I’ve enjoyed my visits there, the homeless and poop not withstanding, but you’d have to be nuts to live in San Francisco especially atop a 58 story building.

  5. Ron Motta

    Seems that the time is NOW for them to aggressively pursue the concept of secession, and rename it (as per “La Raza”)….”MEXIFORNIA!. Stop talking and let’s see some doing!!!!