How Sad And Sick Is This Race?

Posted March 8th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Six (6) states hold Democrat Primaries Tuesday,  and for Democrats going to the polls, – their choices are Cognitive Decline, – or raw Communism.
How did the Party of Harry Truman and JFK sink this far?

State:                 Democrat delegates at stake:

Idaho                  25 (20 pledged, 5 super)

Michigan          147 (125 pledged, 22 super)

Mississippi        41 (36 pledged, 5 super)

Missouri            78 (68 pledged, 10 super)

North Dakota    18 (14 pledged, 4 super)

Washington    107 (89 pledged, 18 super)

Tuesday TOTAL:  416

Anybody remember back when there were 23 Dems in the race – back BEFORE billionaires Tom Steyer and Mini-Mike Bloomberg jumped in?

And yet it’s all boiled down to these two sick old white-haired white men – who BOTH promise to grab your guns,  raise your taxes,  and open our borders…

How much LOWER can the Democrat Party sink?

Wait until the DNC – and see who the winner picks as his running mate!

5 Responses to “How Sad And Sick Is This Race?”

  1. panther 6

    Tuesday should be interesting. IF IT LEADS to a brokered convention it will be a sight to behold. They will be tripping all over themselves with gaffs. Could be a real hoot to listen and watch.

  2. Varvara

    Have you noticed that every time Bernie mentions wonderful socialist Cuba that more Hispanic-Americans run away from him?
    They seemed to run towards Trump.

    Biden doesn’t do anything for seniors. We see/listen to him with his gaffs/mistakes and cringe. Is this what is in store for all seniors? Surely there must must be a senior candidate who is not out of it.

  3. Ben

    Your absolutely right Mike. The democratic Vice President pick will be the acting President.


    AND,…it could be disbarred Harvard lawyer Michelle Obama or tax delinquent Yale lawyer Stacey Abrams….

  4. Sue Ettwein

    Don’t ask that last question, Mike! They will take it as a challenge and show us.

  5. Walter Knight

    I’m expecting Biden to ask Romney to be his running mate.