How Obama Just Won The Standoff

Posted December 22nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Three words: Asymmetric Political Warfare.

Our valiant 2011 Republican House Warriors just caved on Obama’s plan for a Continuing Resolution – and with it the continuation of ‘the tax cut’.

Obama won.  The phony ‘tax cut’ will continue for two months – and likely throughout this next election year. The Republicans think they got a deal for the Keystone XL Pipeline. They didn’t. How’d THAT all happen?

It was never intended to be a fair fight.

There is NOTHINGFAIR’ about the Obama Cartel. They are about plundering our national treasury for personal gain, while moving us into Third World Socialism as fast as they can.

Massive Federal Debt is their weapon of choice.

Republicans in the House [those in the Senate like Brown, Graham, Snowe, Collins, and Murkowski are essentially useless fakes] labored mightily to find a way to cut the budget, cut our federal debt, and deliver meaningful LEGISLATIONThey were doing honorable work.

Being honorable, they never understood. Obama never gave a *Flying FIG* about the legislation. He was maneuvering them into a political TRAP by stealing their SOUNDBITES.

He ignored the reality that any ‘tax cut’ was fake – and would have to be PAID FOR by BORROWING.  He actually WELCOMES that outcome – it speeds us toward bankruptcy and socialism…

He started using the words ‘Tax Cut’ – claimed the high ground – and said that the Republicans were AGAINST a TAX CUT for the MIDDLE CLASS.

All this was a constant drumbeat of class warfare – the 99% huddled in Occupy tent cities while House Republicans were shielding the super-rich 1% from ‘paying their fair share’.

The Republicans were utterly INEPT in explaining the REAL ISSUES to the voting public – BECAUSE the MSM was parroting the Obama line.

Suddenly the only number coming out of your TV set was ‘$40.oo a week’ – – for gas to get to work or heating oil.

Obama took the dog BO shopping while his MSM partners managed to paint a picture of children huddled in a cold house this winter.

THAT was his roadside bomb!

The MSM never questioned if Bo had been flown back from Hawaii for Obama’s Paris Hilton-like photo op, – they kept running stories about ‘stubborn House Republicans’.

Republicans were looking at a re-election campaign with that picture painted on their backs. They wavered, then caved.

Tonight Obama is probably laughing his DONKEY off.  You will spend the next ten years paying the Chinese for the borrowed money. Spending will NOT be cut!

Suddenly as of tonight – Obama looks like a shoe-in for re-election. Republicans just don’t understand his game.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “How Obama Just Won The Standoff”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Agreed, Boehner caved and the forty dollar story was exactly how much they were bought for. How would this be paid for? There will be an additional tax on all federally funded mortgages and all refinances, but you won’t read this in the MSM. Will this additional $ go in to that phantom “Social Security Lock Box”? Are you kidding?

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