How Much Did Junior Steal?

Posted February 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

When you steal from Chicago voters, – is it really stealing?
Jessie Junior
Former Chicago Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. – son of the infamous Poverty Pimp – is facing somewhere between 46 and 57 months in prison. 

His wife Sandi could do 3 years.

Why? He/they seem to have ‘diverted’ some campaign contributions to their personal use.  $750,000 of contributions…

It’ll be tough on Junior counting those days – without his $43,000.oo Gold Rolex watch.

I guess if you’ve been raised in Senior’s home – you grow up believing that the world owes you a living….

So they lived pretty well,  using campaign contributions [squeezed out of voters by unions and ‘community organizers’] for personal expenses, – like massive credit card bills, designer baby furniture, Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee collectable memorabilia, and furs..

$580,000.oo was used to pay off credit card purchases…

Junior says he is very contrite and depressed, – cites his ‘bi-polar disorder’.  That story should go over big – in the big house. Since he served in Congress Dec 95 – Nov 12 – I’m sure he’s expecting to serve his time in ‘Club Fed’. 

The irony…?  Junior won a special election in ’95 because his predecessor Mel Reynolds was convicted of statutory rape – of a 16-yr-old campaign volunteer.  Then they got him for bank fraud, wire fraud, and purjury.Mel Reynolds

More irony…?  Reynolds – now out of prison with a pardon for the bank fraud from Bill Clinton – is running for Congress in the Special Election to replace Junior…  Yeah, it’s Chicago Politics!

Don’t feel too sorry for Junior – or his wife.  Junior IS a LAWYER, – he KNEW better!  Wife Sandi is a Chicago Aldermanshe TOO is a Lawyer, – and knows better.  I guess Senior will be looking after the two grand-kids for a few formative years – God help them!

GrandPa JacksonYou know that Senior is pissed, – there’s just no way he can play his usual race card over things like expensive furs and a $43K Rolex watch. 

What do you want to bet that in 20-30 years another generation of Jacksons will be making bad headlines?


UPDATE: Wed 14 Aug 2013 Jesse Jr [in Congress from ’95 – ‘2012] got 30 months in federal prison for stealing $750,000 – using campaign donations for his extravagant personal use. Claiming to be bi-polar didn’t cut it.   Wife Sandi got 12 months.

UPDATE:  Thurs 25 March 2015  Jesse Jr was released from prison – to a Washington DC half-way house.  He served just 17 months of his 30-month sentence.  Wife Sandi starts her term in September.   What a family…


4 Responses to “How Much Did Junior Steal?”


    I know another husband and wife attorneys……

  2. Walter Knight

    Another pardon will be coming.

    If Junior was allowed to run for Congress again, he would win. It’s a ‘safe’ district.

  3. Flick

    Take for example Marion Barry. “He rose above his demons” from one repeat voter. When B. HUSSEIN Obama is in his 4th term, Jr. will be in the cabinet.

    For thosw who don’t know:

    Marion Barry – long-time Wash DC politician – shot near the heart in 1977 by a Muslim extremist – later elected Mayor of Wash DC – then caught in a sting in 1990 by the FBI – convicted of using cocaine and paying a prostitute with cocaine – sent to prison – released and was elected Mayor – AGAIN!

  4. Walter Knight

    Interesting you mention Marion Barry, I had him in mind when I commented about Junior.

    Too many people today vote their race rather than looking closely at the candidate ad the issues. It’s a big divide in America I fear will not be overcome soon.