How Many Reusable Shopping Bags?

Posted May 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Caution,  scary video of Kilauea lava flowing (very fast),  – just LOOKING at it may cause burns and scars….

Video of lava flowing from fissure #17 (Leilani Estates) on the side of the Kilauea volcano.

Think you could outrun it?  Think you’d hear it coming at night?

So how many reusable shopping bags have to be used and reused – 30 times each,  – to make up of this lava run?

Keep this video on your computer – so the next time some hysterical and mis-educated teenager is ranting at you about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”,  – you can give them a dose of reality.

2 Responses to “How Many Reusable Shopping Bags?”

  1. FLICK

    After that I need to curl up in my safe place & watch some videos of polar bears before they are extinct. What is Al Gore’s answer to this?


    Try this one Flick!

  2. Bennie D

    I’ve noticed that it seems to usually be the GAYS that are constantly pushing the global warming conspiracy theories. Maybe they think Al Gore will back their unnatural lifestyle if they peddle his lies?