How LOW Can Young Joe Kennedy Go?

Posted February 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

After typing those words,  – I realize this arrogant elitist prick will likely take it as a challenge….

This photo of JPK III and his NARAL lawyer wife Lauren joining a Planned Parenthood rally – with their newborn,  – is stomach-turning.  Babies for the Kennedys;  – but abortions for Black women…?

How deep is the liberal sickness of liberals?  Well, young Joe met young Lauren at Harvard Law School – in Elisabeth Warren’s (aka Senator Squaw) class.

Attractive enough if you just look at the surface,  – which is why Nancy Pelosi had Joe to deliver the Dhimmicrat’s rebuttal to Trump’s SOTU last week.   Pelosi sees a future President and First Lady in this pro-abortion elitist couple…

They have two (2) children, daughter Eleanor – 2, and baby James.

Young Kennedy’s estimated share of the Kennedy family fortune is somewhere between $20 – $60 million.

Do you think this couple worries about the price of home heating oil or new tires?

7 Responses to “How LOW Can Young Joe Kennedy Go?”

  1. Hawk1776

    Silly question. He’s a Kennedy.

  2. Mt Woman

    The slime oozes from these two–guess that’s what was seeping from his lips as he spoke last week Tuesday night. Hypocracy is business as usual for the Kennedy’s.

  3. Kojack

    “How low can young Joe Kennedy go?”

    They’re digging up the basement floor in the capitol to set the bar for a new generation of Kennedy’s.

  4. MC

    He kinda looks like the redheaded dweeb we saw in high school who wouldn’t try out for football, but played flute in the band, you know the guy we used to give wedgies to everyday.

    And heeeeee’s the future of the democrap party, the party of liars, corrupt criminals, traitors?

  5. Agz3

    At least it’s not trump who is the future of the repussican party. Russia lovers.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Sad to say, there’s no way to know how many “unwanted” babies preceded the two who survived.

  7. Panther 6

    A classic demorat hypocrite walking in the Kennedy shoes. What a loser.